Happy 10th Anniversary Grand Beauty Spa….!Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa Owner

The Grand opened it’s doors April 17th 2007. I’ll never forget trying to ignore the music skipping, while being interrupted by the city inspectors and contractors who were still finishing up the punch list. I was working on my wonderful clients who for the last decade supported every thing I have created. I am humbled and truly blessed.

I love what The Grand represents

A place where employees can come to create the most professional career path in the beauty industry. A silver platter giving employees the chance to further their education, access to best products and technology in the industry and create what they want their pay grades to be. After all it’s a choice isn’t it?

I am very grateful for The Grand and have always joked about earning a Masters degree through all aspects of business 🙂

But must I say it again, I Love The Grand.

We have the most beautiful treatments and products in the world that have set our Spa and salon apart from any other nationally. We have been continually updating and creating an even ‘grander’ Grand salon and spa we know you will love!

We pride ourselves in teaching you how to Spa and want you to know how important it is for us to create memorable pampering experiences of beauty just for you. Consider the spa as part of your healthy lifestyle and become a member today let us teach you how to Spa the Grand way.

Warm regards,