Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa OwnerHello Grand Beauties, We are so looking forward to the upcoming season of the holidays.

Gratitude seems to be a great theme this year as it’s been a pretty tough year for most. I think we all have to accept that it’s a different world now and we have to be more mindful of our choices.

Some say they can’t wait till 2017 is over, but for me I have learned some of the biggest lessons of my life in 2017. For example, I learned silence this year. To fully trust my intuition. I learned to live in the moment, as this allows miracles to happen. I learned that it’s not always in our timing.

If God or the Universe gave us exactly what we wanted at the moment that we asked for it we wouldn’t have the knowing or appreciation of the gifts or miracles we have received and or who gave them to us.

Creating The Grand was one of those miracles that happened when looking back.

I love when I hear the beautiful memories that our guest hold of their experiences at the Grand. Like a lady the other day that shared with me the day she spent at the Grand with her mother who is 97 was one of their most special times together and they are still talking about how special their time at The Grand Spa Day was.

I love hearing these stories. For me that’s what it’s all about. The Grand is that place for silence to find time for healing, beautifying, detoxing, relaxing, and pampering for ourselves at the spa.

If your not already a member please take a look at our membership and make that commitment to yourself today. We also created relaxing day spa packages just for your relaxation and wellness.

My wish for you is that you take time to notice all the wonderful blessings in your life and take time to spoil yourself and your loved ones this season with pampering gift of The Grand Spahhh.

With Love and Gratitude,