Exfoliating your skin on a routine basis helps to eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface.

Bellsol_Deep_Buff_ScrubThese dead cells accumulate more as we age, due to slower skin regeneration. So naturally, it’s good to have an exfoliation regimen.

This month The Grand is excited to introduce a new exfoliate for our body treatments: the Bellsol deep buff scrub. While most scrubs contain a salt or sugar base, this scrub contains apricot shells, rice, soy and rose hip seeds.

Compared to your typical singular base product, the deep buff scrub offers 3X the effectiveness with 3 additional bases.

Simply pour a generous amount into a small glass, mix with water until it reaches a wet sand consistency and apply to wet skin in a circular motion.

This product does the job of two exfoliations with only one application!

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