Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerHello Grand Beauties!

This fall is about restoring your skin and body, keeping yourself grounded and enhancing your natural beauty in the most healing ways.

As you begin to feel the shifts in temperature this fall we temp you to choose yourself for a change. It is a blessing to be able to do for others but is your cup full?

Take a moment to assess yourself. You may be due for some pampering. We have beautiful therapies to help restore your soul including hair, nails, skin, and body.

This season welcomes us back to the root of all things maybe even to touch the earth itself.  It’s a time to gather what is important to us.

And so it is this time to ask questions for your life, set intentions, and patiently listen for clarity.

Happy Autumn and may this Fall season delight you, and challenge you in all the best beautiful ways.

Let us teach you how to Spa.