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Reverse the aging process. Award winning Prodige De Oceans Essence

Thalgo Prodige Des Oceans

Prepare your skin for that “summer glow” with Prodige Des Oceans Essence.

The ultimate expression of 50 years of innovative Thalgo research, Prodige des Océans Essence provides the unique power of Regenerative Marine Intelligence in just one drop to regain perfect skin.

This amazing serum contains regenerative ingredients meant to reactivate 64 key youth proteins in the skin. Within 48 hours, skin elasticity and skin tone improves. The skin appears more firm and hydrated with a light scent of sea salt and violet.

Prodige Des Oceans Essence can be applied in the […]

You’ve Never Experienced a Moisterizer Like This…Merveille Arctique

Merveille Arctique - ThalgoThalgo is continuing its journey through the 5 Oceans with the new Merveille Arctique line.

Drawing inspiration from the Arctic Ocean, the products are rich in cryo-extract derived from boreal algae to cleanse and tighten in one application.

The new Acrtic Shower Foam consists of hyaluronic acid components that aid in detoxifying the skin whilst soothing it as well. The new Milky Moisturizing gel is perfectly formulated to deliver fast-absorbing, melting properties meant to intensely hydrate the skin.

We can assure that you’ve never experienced a moisturizer like this one!

It leaves the […]

Renew Your Body a Grand Exfoliating Skin Care Routine

Exfoliating your skin on a routine basis helps to eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. These dead cells accumulate more as we age, due to slower skin regeneration.

Exfoliation regimen

A good exfoliation regimen depends on skin type and product. For drier more sensitive skin, one to two times a week is sufficient. For more oily and less sensitive skin, two to three times a week works well.

Using a less abrasive product allows for more exfoliation days without irritating the skin. Always follow by applying a good moisturizer; except before a spray tan because the color will not hold.

Removing […]

Halo Highlights with Hovermale

If I have a client looking for a slight change, I go straight to recommending highlights, particularly, the halo highlights technique.

This technique is simple and doesn’t require much upkeep.

Russ Hovermale - Hair colorist Russ Hovermale – Grand Beauty Colorist

Halo Highlights Technique

The color is applied on the hair around the face for an instant brightening and framing effect. When the hair is worn up, the highlights then create a subtle dimensional effect.

It’s a quicker application than full highlights and it’s a great start for someone wanting a little change.

Come in for a free […]

BEST OF METRO 2018 Health and Beauty. The Grand Beauty Spa 

Thank you Tampa Bay for voting us Best of Metro 2018 Health and Beauty!

Greetings Grand Beauties. If you love to Spa and love to learn about the best treatments, products and ingredients that have preserved women’s beautiful skin, hair and bodies for centuries we are the spa for you.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our Grand beautiful salon and spa the place for you to find yourself. Our goal is to create the perfect treatments and rituals for you to care for your physical body so you can give yourself a moment to connect with your spirit that needs the nourishment of […]

Introducing Bellsol deep buff scrub. Now at The Grand.

Exfoliating your skin on a routine basis helps to eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface.

Bellsol_Deep_Buff_ScrubThese dead cells accumulate more as we age, due to slower skin regeneration. So naturally, it’s good to have an exfoliation regimen.

This month The Grand is excited to introduce a new exfoliate for our body treatments: the Bellsol deep buff scrub. While most scrubs contain a salt or sugar base, this scrub contains apricot shells, rice, soy and rose hip seeds.

Compared to your typical singular base product, the deep buff scrub offers 3X the effectiveness […]

Softer, brighter ammonia free hair color that won’t damage your hair

Want softer and brighter hair? Think ammonia free hair color and dye.

Ammonia is a strong chemical present in the majority of coloring products. While its purpose to retain color is important, the aftermath of its application can have damaging affects to the hair itself.

INOA Color – Ammonia Free, Odorless Hair Color

This is why the Grand offers Inoa: an ammonia free color line that will deliver the look our clients want while up keeping the integrity of their hair.

In all Inoa products, the ammonia is replaced with an Oil Delivery System that nourishes the hair when penetrating the cuticle without ever […]

Finally, Spring is On. Get into Full Bloom at The Grand!

Spring is blooming! Shouldn’t you be in Full Bloom too?

After an unusually long, cold winter for Tampa Bay, spring has finally sprung. What better way to embrace this spring with our Full Bloom special for March. Awaken the senses and renew your skin for a fresh spring glow. The invigorating spa offerings of our Full Bloom package are sure to unwind your mind and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Then we freshen up your hair with a conditioning treatment and our salon specialty, a Grand Blow-dry.

Full Bloom Special

Sweet & Savory Scrub

Your  skin will be perfectly polished with this scrub. A […]

Grand Make-up Tips. How to Make the Make-up Stay and Last!

Make-up tips: Try a pop of color!

The biggest challenge as a make-up artist is figuring out how to make the make-up STAY and LAST.  For this, I want to bring attention to the eyes and share with you a make-up tip I like to use on my clients.

When applying eye shadow, creating a white canvas on the eyelid prior to the application helps create a bolder and brighter hue. Typically, eye shadow can dampen through the absorption of the skin but with a white eye primer, your color is being applied to a “blank canvas” that gives you the rich […]

New Years Resolution. Take Better Care of Your Skin

I hope that 2017 was good for all of you and that 2018 will be even better in every way!

One immediate resolution we can all make is to take better care of your skin. Treat your skin with Thalgo’s Silicium Marin range to lift, firm and smooth.

Silicium Marin


Happy New Year!

Aesthetician and Spa Director


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