Thalgo of Paris Products at The Grand Beauty Spa

Thalgo’s exceptional body treatments, facials offer spectacular results inanti-aging, hydrating, purifying and much more!

The Grand Sea, Garden of Beauty!

Thalgo treatments are renowned for their incredible results.

Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalizing and re-balancing properties vital for health and well-being.  THALGO is inspired by thalassotherapy, spa treatments that use real seawater and seaweed to effectively treat a range of conditions from skin problems, such as eczema, to excess weight, low energy levels and fluid retention.

Thalgo’s exceptional body treatments refine, tone and ease tensions, while the facials offer spectacular results in anti-aging, hydrating, purifying and much more.

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Amazing Anti-Aging Products!

The Thalgo Anti-Aging product group includes Collagen, Hyaluronic, Silicium creams, masks, concentrates, extracts serums and fillers to soothe and brighten the complexion of your skin, fight against visible wrinkles and skin slackening. These products are renowned for their incredible results.

Anti-Aging group - collagen-hyaluronic-silicium 0 Anti-Aging Eye range Anti-aging Hyaluronic group

The Thalgo Anti-Aging Groups

The Thalgo Anti-Aging group includes an amazing collection of products.:
  • Anti-Aging Collagen, Hyaluronic, Silicium Programs.  Includes Collagen, Hyaluronic, Silicium creams, masks, concentrates, extracts serums and fillers.
  • Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On reduces puffiness and dark circles.
  • Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream, rich in hyaluronic acid and marine silicium, lifts the eye area, effectively fills fine lines and wrinkles and corrects signs of fatigue.
  • Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Mask. The algo-hyaluronic complex in Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Mask diffuses, plumps-up and instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles.

Ask your Grand Beaty Spa Aeshthetician about which Anti-Aging group is right for you.

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Anti-Aging Eyes

More Amazing Products From Thalgo! See Details Below!

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Oxygen group

Thalgo Oxygen Group. Free Radical & Sun Protection!

The Thalgo Oxygen Group provides effective anti-free radical protection, shields against damaging sun rays, allows dull skin to breath, softens and invigorates skin with awesome results! Read about all these products below:

  • Thalgo Oxygen 3 Defense Cream provide effective anti-free radical protection and good moisturizing to prevent premature aging.
  • Thalgo Oxygen 3 Defense Fluid offers a triple anti-free radial protection and shields the skin against damaging sun rays.
  • Thalgo Oxygen SOS Serum targets suffocated and dull skin to allow it to breathe while being protected.
  • Thalgo Cryodetox Mask is rich in plant extracts with softening, invigorating and regenerating properties.
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BB Cream Group. Blemish control, sun protection!

Thalgo Beauty Balm (BB) Cream provides foundation makeup coverage, blemish control, moisture hydration, sun protection.  This innovative product is the first light-creating BB Cream to breathe new substance into the skin and correct the complexion through colored light.  Offered in three shades:

  • Thalgo Beauty Balm (BB) Cream Perfect Glow Natural (medium skin)
  • Thalgo Beauty Balm (BB) Cream Perfect Glow Golden (dark skin)
  • Thalgo Beauty Balm (BB) Cream Perfect Glow Ivory (fair and Asian skin)
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Thalgo BB Creams
Thalgo Sensitive-Reactive group

Sensitive-Reactive Group. Protects Irritated Skin!

The Thalgo Sensitive-Reactive product group protects sensitive and irritated skin with a combination of protective cream, a bio-soothing mask and bio repair serum:

  • Thalgo Bio Protective Cream is designed to protect skin that may be sensitive and irritated, using a multitude of primary ingredients which work together to shield your skin from harm.
  • Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask immediately soothes the most fragile skin, relieving irritated skin. Heat sensations, stinging and tightness make way for a gentle sensation of freshness and well-being.
  • Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum is for those who are looking for an intensive treatment for their sensitive or reactive skin. This serum effectively repairs an irritated epidermis while respecting the skin’s tolerance threshold.
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Polynesia Group. Relax. Hydrate. Prevent Aging!

The Thalgo Polynesia group products take you on a journey to enchanting Polynesia – heaven on earth that is ideal for relaxation. Iridescent dry body oil, Exotic Island Body scrub, and the Polynesia scented candle are the perfect compliments to relax, hydrate, and prevent skin aging.

  • Thalgo Polynesian Sacred Oil is for those looking to hydrate and nourish their body and hair while leaving a subtle golden iridescent finish on the body. This is an iridescent dry oil for the body and hair, with a Monoi scent.
  • Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub is for those looking to smooth and nourish their skin with a gourmand scrub inspired by Polynesian traditions. Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub leaves the skin  extremely smooth, nourished and rid of all of its impurities. Has an intoxicating vanilla and coconut scent.
  • Thalgo Polynesia Scented Candle contains ingredients from the Pacific Ocean. The Thalgo Polynesia Scented Candle has a soothing scent that is ideal for relaxation. Algomonoi is relaxing, protective and softening, while Micro-algae from the Pacific Ocean is calming, soothing, anti-stress, and prevents premature skin aging.
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Polynesia group