Merveille Arctique - ThalgoThalgo is continuing its journey through the 5 Oceans with the new Merveille Arctique line.

Drawing inspiration from the Arctic Ocean, the products are rich in cryo-extract derived from boreal algae to cleanse and tighten in one application.

The new Acrtic Shower Foam consists of hyaluronic acid components that aid in detoxifying the skin whilst soothing it as well. The new Milky Moisturizing gel is perfectly formulated to deliver fast-absorbing, melting properties meant to intensely hydrate the skin.

We can assure that you’ve never experienced a moisturizer like this one!

It leaves the skin feeling baby-bottom soft without that sticky layer that most moisturizes leave behind on the skin.

Since we’re so excited to introduce these products, we’ll be offering an Arctic Hand Ritual at check-in for the month of May only!

Launching officially Thursday, May 3rd.

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