I’ve been a therapist for 8 years and there are two questions about massage therapy I get asked the most. I would love to put everyone’s questions and worries at ease.

1. Will massage therapy really help?

The short answer is, Yes.

Massage therapy does not heal or cure your body, but rather it gives your body support to heal itself. I can confidently answer yes to this question because at the most basic level, massage therapy relieves stress and tension in the body while increasing circulation of blood and lymph. So whether you are looking for relief from a particular health issue or just wanting to improve your overall health, massage therapy is a great choice.

2. How often should I get a massage?

The answer for most people is at least once a month. However if you are looking to relieve chronic pain and stiffness or if you are recovering from an injury, more frequent sessions might be needed. I tell my clients to listen to their bodies and it will let them know when they need to make and appointment again. If you commit to including massage therapy as part of your wellness plan by getting a monthly massage, you will notice a difference in how you feel and the best way to feel better and stay that way is to become a member here at The Grand!