With summer months just around the corner and bare faced beach days on the horizon, our iBeauty treatments have been all the rage this spring as our clients prepare to strut their best skin under the sun!

iBeauty treatments combine 3 innovative technologies to safely and effectively cleanse, purify, balance, rehydrate, and regenerate skin for a completely healthy and rejuvenated dermis. One I Beauty treatment includes 3 non-aggressive steps with proven efficacy towards your best fresh face – a Low Frequency Vibrational Aesthetic Peel, a series of Sequential Ultrasound Waves, and a High Frequency Micro Current Anti-Aging Treatment.

During the Aesthetic Peel portion of our treatment, a peeling solution specifically formulated for dual mechanical and chemical cleaning is utilized with low frequency vibrations to achieve in depth exfoliation, cleansing and purification.

In our second step, we use sequential ultrasound evolving waves to either detoxify and reactivate cellular metabolism or stimulate cell regeneration. We determine the best course of action between I Pure and I Hydrate during your initial skin analysis conducted prior to treatment.

In the final step of our I Beauty treatment we employ our version of a non invasive face lift – I Plump – an overall anti aging treatment designed to increase radio frequency activity for more toned and plumper skin.

Although, our perfect combination of comprehensive treatments and new generation beauty devices are sure to bring you immediately visible results, a series of 10 consecutive treatments is highly recommended for best outcome.

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Alida F.