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At our Tampa hair salon we say a hair cut is just like fashion. Hair, makeup, nails and clothes all come together. The way fashion changes, hair does too. Hair Stylists at The Grand have learned to transcend the idea of hair as a garment that can both embody and excel fashion. Its one of the reasons our customers say we are the best hair salon in South Tampa!

Our hair stylists focus on understanding balance, symmetry, and beauty for each and every guest. During consultation we will work with you to decide the perfect shape and length*, texture and color. Use your hair to compliment your favorite feature and minimize any flaws.

To finish your look, our luxurious manicure and pedicures complete the Grands Hair & Nail Salon Ritual experience. Call or visit us today to look and feel beautiful!

Complimentary Infra Red Sauna & Steam

...Please enjoy our elegant and beautifully appointed spa facility including infra red sauna, steam room, and relaxation areas as part of your experience.
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