Massage Cupping Therapy is a modern form of the ancient technique of cupping.

This can be a stand alone treatment, or combined with a hands on or stone massage.The majority of the body can be cupped, using different sized polycarbonate cups to fit each section.

In traditional modern massage cupping, lotion is applied to the skin with the hands. Then the cup is suctioned to the skin using gliding strokes toward the lymph system for drainage. Cups can be left stationary for a very short period as well, lifted and rotated for better tissue/adhesion release, blood flow and toxin/inflammation release.

The Many advantages to Massage Cupping Therapy healing treatment include:

  • lymphatic drainage of toxins and extra fluid,
  • softening of surface muscle, deep muscle release,
  • loosening of adhesions for better joint mobility,
  • loosening of adhesions to soften cellulite dimpling,
  • lifting tissue to allow more blood flow and oxygenation to the tissue and bringing deep inflammation/toxins to the surface for release.

See you soon, for your Grand experience in Massage Cupping Therapy!