Hello Grand Beauties!Carmen Sargeant | Grand Beauty Spa owner

This month The Grand celebrates our 9 year anniversary.

What a journey it’s been to have had the opportunity to create something so special. The Grand’s beauty salon services and relaxation spa therapies provide the best in beauty maintenance and health rejuvenation and this is why we are excited to continue to find fresh new perspectives for the most restoring, relaxing, and result oriented spa treatments at our very own Grand Beauty Spa.

We have been continually updating and creating an even grander Grand salon and spa we know you will love!

We pride ourselves in teaching you how to Spa and want you to know how important it is for us to create memorable pampering experiences of beauty just for you. Spa in Latin translates to Sanitas per Auquam.
Healing thru waters, a tradition practiced in many parts of the world. One of the reasons we created The Grand was to share something that We have personally loved and believed in so much as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We are continually doing Spa research to bring you the best in Salon and Spa services in the country.
Our Grand Beauty stylist and therapist receive the best training in the country and are ready to consult with you to help you choose the most beautiful therapies, and cutting edge hairstyles available of the latest and best treatments in the world.

Our talented stylist train in highlighting and coloring balayage techniques to give you a look that brings you lots of head turning compliments.
During your personalized one on one consultation we will work with you to decide the perfect shape and length, texture and color. We Use your hair to compliment your favorite features and minimize any unwanted flaws.

Consider the spa as part of your healthy lifestyle and become a member today and let us teach you how to Spa the Grand way.

Thank you.