SHU Uemura KYE! Collabs that give our inner style junkie LIFE!

Color Lustre and Ultimate Remedy are easily my favorite in Shu strength and color protection. They totally deserve to be the KYE canvases! Nothing indulges my senses more than shampooing with real precious ingredients like lotus flower extract or Rose musk oil.

Honor your hair and it will thank you with a brilliant appearance you’ll never grow tired of. This is a brand for dreamers and goal getters. These great minds coming together to create means more than pretty packaging to me it’s hard work and love receiving recognition at last. I keep these KYE conditioners in my shower for a daily reminder that all dreams are attainable.

Why KYE? From SHU themselves:

Shu and KYE take you to the center of K-Vibe. Seoul’s hype culture and beauty has become a global sensation. In a new twist, KYE’s Korean fashion sense gets redesigned with Shu Uemura’s Tokyo edge.

The collection tells the story of K-vibe: the new era’s youthful brigade through playful iconography as seen through the eyes of KYE and Shu Uemura, two creative forces that showcase Asian beauty style to the world.