As we see our favorite movie stars making the drastic change with their haircuts, why not get inspired from one of your favorite actresses, take the plunge with your hair and take it to the next level.

First of all you have to ask yourself how short you are willing to go with your haircut.Pixie

The “pixie cut” is the more aggressive change, but if you are not quite ready to go that short yet, or simply do not want to go that short there is no need to worry , you have a variety of options.

There are different lengths of bobs; you just have to figure out which one is better for your face shape with your stylist. But wait you do not want to go that short either you have another option the long bob or “The Lob”.

This is a longer version of the bob, but with some length. You can also add a fringe or even some long layers to lighten up the ends.

Just as a precaution: be careful when cutting a fringe , you don’t want to look like you’re back in the 80’s, come to us, “the professionals”,  for a modern look.

Give yourself a different look this spring, get ready for summer with a fresh look.BOBBangsLOB

Beauty Stylist,
Carolina Arango