With social media taking over, many of my guests have been bringing in pictures of gorgeous flowing heads of hair. Whether you want the flowing locks or even just the color without coloring your own hair, hair extensions are for everyone! 

One main question many guests have ask me and are afraid of the answer is “how damaging are they?”. Reality, they are not as damaging as you think as long as you have the right ones customized for you! With Dreamcatchers hair extensions, I have been able to customize a look for my guests while promoting hair growth at the same time.

It’s all about the upkeep when taking the leap into the beautiful locks of hair. Don’t be afraid! It’s not anymore time consuming than how often you get your hair colored, believe it or not. Even if you don’t color your hair and are using hair extensions to accomplish a look all you have to do is come in every 4-6 weeks for a refresher.

Now that’s not so bad, is it?

With Dreamcatchers, we have two options, tape ins or i-tip. With Tape ins the hair lasts for about 4 refreshers and with the i-tip the hair can last for about a year or so, pending on how long your hair has grown since the original purchase of the hair. Tape in hair extensions have more of what we call a blocking pattern placement on your head. Still blends seamlessly but they are harder to maintain as you would have to be cautious of what products you use near the taped area (i.e.nothing oil based).

Hair extensions
The i-tip system mimics your hair growth pattern and flows from the base of your head all the way down to the ends. This one is my favorite because there is no limitation when it comes to hair products you can use. Meaning, you can actually do a conditioning treatment the day of your application/refreshers. Isn’t it amazing to have that option? 

dream catchers hair extensions

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