Hair Extensions at the Grand

The Grand Beauty Spa is committed to offering the ultimate experience in luxury hair care, including only the best  hair extensions in Tampa.

If you are trying to fix/grow out a style, consult with our hair extension specialists to achieve the look without having to go through the grow-out process.

Gone are the days of waiting for your hair to grow to achieve long luscious locks, or succumbing to the reality of fine, thinning hair. Remarkably, hair extensions are not just for length.

We have only the finest in hair extension options at The Grand Beauty Spa:

Great Lengths Hair ExtensionsGreatlengths offers premium 100% Remy human hair extensions. The attachment is made of keratin and can be applied to the hair using a Thermal (heat) method or a Cold Fusion (vibration) method. The attachments are around the size of a grain of rice and are very comfortable to wear.

Greatlengths has an assortment of colors and can be customized to your color. Along with the basic colors, they offer bright colors, pastel colors, and ombre colored extensions.

Platinum Seamless Hair ExtensionsThe second type of hair extensions that we offer in our salon is Platinum Seamless.

They use an InterSeal System method that combines 100% Human Remy hair with a paper-adhesive gel attachment.

This extension is great for the person who wants fullness.

I would also recommend this type to someone who isn’t planning on wearing the extensions for longer than 2-3 months.

Hairdreams Hair ExtensionsHairDreams are the third and final type of hair extensions that we offer.

They are attached individually just as Greatlengths, but use a thermo-elastic synthetic material for their bonding agent.

They use 4 different bonding types depending on the density of hair that the strand is applied to.

Tampa Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Pricing

...Hair extension prices are customized for your needs based upon your consultation.