Happy Holidays Grand Beauties!

Tis the season and we are so excited for the holidays.

It’s time to start the new year off right so here are some of my personal top 5 things to get the New year off to the great start

  1. Get organized!
    • Go thru drawers and get rid of stuff (especially all those old perfumes bottles and old hair,  face, and body products you only have a l’il bit left in them. Give them away or have your husband use them…Lol
    • It takes space and is no longer needed in your life so get rid of it…
  2. Schedule me time!
    •  Let’s face it,  if we don’t take time to schedule maintenance and pampering no else will and we would hate to see you run yourself down…
    • Get Your Grand Beauty Spa Membership! If you won’t get it for yourself,  Now is the time to ask for the gift that will make you once and for all say that it’s the least I can do for myself.  Imagine getting a facial or massage Every  month…( or both!) that’s the spa junkie coming out in me!!
    • You will have  Unlimited use of Infra-Red Sauna, Steam Room and Relaxation areas, monthly self-guided application of customized Kérastase or Shu Uemura hair mask and detoxifying body peloid mud to be self applied in our steam room, special membership pricing on select services, 10% discount for Med-Spa, Salon and Retail,  and Monthly yoga class and Grand Goddess ceremony…
    • It’s the way I like to spa and I’m so excited to share my personal beauty secrets with you…
    • For me the Spa is like a prescription to great health…. It’s a no brainer
  3. Get a trainer or a new fitness and eating plan…
    • We constantly should be reinventing ourselves.. The people that come along our path are there for guidance or life lessons.
    • We have to continuously keep ourselves on the path to keeping ourselves centered, grounded, and happy. Jenifer Broder at The medical nutrition center is awesome! It’s  a great place to start.
  4.  Go dancing!
    • It’s a happy pill and we don’t do it enough.. Bring 2015 having a great time with family and loved ones….
  5. Find a charity or family to lift..
    • We are all so blessed to have the life we do… Even with all the adversities and bumps along the way there is always someone else in more need than we are. I think those are the greatest gifts.. Maybe its financial or maybe just the words you speak to someone. There is a lot of need and as hard as it is to believe  that its right here in our own city.

We will be hosting our Kids helping Kids thru music charity concert this spring for the Backpack program for Feeding America Tampabay. We will keep you posted with upcoming details.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about yoga myself and Olivia  would love for you to join us for Yoga in our courtyard on Friday Mornings @9:00 and 10:30 am

My wish for you all is that your Holidays are Blessed with Love,  Peace, and Happiness. Merry Christmas and I wish you the Happiest New Year.

With Gratitude,