Thanksgiving has passed and we have a way to get that extra slice of pie off of your thighs.

Our new High Precision Shaping treatment from Thalgo can begin to reduce superficial and stubborn fat at the very origin of those unwanted “dimples.”

Here Are The Three steps to beautiful results

  1. The first step, Stimulate, begins with the new Coach Anti-Orange Peel Effect which “kick-starts” the correction of cellulite. This is followed by the Body Wrap with Active Oxygen, aiding in the dispersion of cellulite and deactivate the release of stored fat.
  2. The second step, Correct, is achieved through a Perfect Sculpt massage using deep and effective movements to dislodge cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves.
  3. The final stage, Enhance, consists of a cream adapted to each woman’s body type.

So make it an early New Years Resolution to come by The Grand and learn more about how this treatment can get you slimmed down just in time for the holidays!