So you think you know everything there is to know about oxygen?

Well, here is something you might not know…At sea level, the air we breathe is about 21% oxygen. At 10,000 feet elevation, the air drops to 14.5% oxygen.

When someone goes from sea level to 8.000 feet elevation, a person’s blood oxygen saturation can drop from 96% to 90% and can cause Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) that is manifested with both psychological and physyiological ailments.

At 10,000 – 12,000 feet elevation, a person’s blood oxygen saturation can drop to 80%.

 Since oxygen can be very beneficial at any stage of AMS, you should be prepared by having an Emergency Oxygen System readily available.

We lived in La Paz/Bolivia for three years at an altitude that approached up to 12,000 feets. There is a story of a former U.S. Ambassador who arrived in La Paz — the highest commercial airport in the world — all excitet (and apparently Hyperventilating) and immediately collapsed because of the thin air.

He was immediately resuscitated by attendants with the ever present oxygen tanks, which are a staple of the airport in La Paz. 

By the way, if you are a tennis player you will be highly impressed by your ability to smack a tennis ball great distances in the thin mountain air — be careful it may never return…

Hyperbaric Oxygen ChamberOxygen has been researched by the medical and health industries for many years. The benefits of oxygen to the human body are numerous. Not only can we not live without it, but we can also profit from more of it.

Many spas are now offering oxygen treatments and facials. At the Grand Beauty Spa, we are using oxygen along with serums to nourish and refresh skin cells. The idea behind oxygen facials or treatments is to revitalize the skin. Working at a cellular level, the oxygen will attach to collagen and elastin molecules making these fibers stronger. This helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.

You may experience a taut sensation of your skin with the first treatments. The oxygen and other nutrients are working to strengthen and nurture your skin. The effect is a firmer, suppler skin surface.

So, now you know why oxygen is import to skin care. Have you tried a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatment? If you have, tell us all about your experience !

~Rita Claudia