If you’re like most women, mascara is a key item in your makeup bag. We whisk it on our lashes in hopes of making them look longer and fuller. But what if you could have that look as soon as you wake up in the morning?

Eyelash Extensions

Your wish might be granted: Eyelash extensions are a growing trend at spas and salons. They completely eliminate all need for mascara.

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of a synthetic fiber such as silk, or 100% real mink fur, which our professional glues on one by one to each of your top natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions last about 2-4 weeks and fall out when your natural lashes do. Then all you need is a little touch-up once a month on the regrowth.

So, this Valentine’s Day, toss the mascara and leave the dark smudges for the raccoons! Call to make your appointment today for your brand new set of eyelash extensions.

Michele George
The Grand Beauty Spa