Hello Grand Beauties!

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerIt’s time to create self love and renewal

So far in life I have found that it’s a constant thing we have to stay on top of, like those extra 10 pounds that always comes back. So we find ourselves looking for that magic remedy. I have even found myself skipping my weekly Grand treatments because of the challenges of balancing work, family, and responsibilities and I own a Spa…

While at my sons Lacrosse tournament in Baltimore last month I was spontaneously invited by one of my great friends and mentor Cynthia Smoot to see the Swann Lake with Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.

I took the train traveling by myself to meet meet Cynthia and her two friends, my sister and her friend who spontaneously joined us as well. It was a magical bucket list evening. The ballet was touching and being able to do this with girlfriends was so much fun. We sometimes forget to have fun. We finished the evening toasting champagne at the very Posh and famous Baccarat Bar which you have to go to have a drink if you haven’t been.

This evening was a reminder for me that I am the one who creates these moments. So I have decided to create some fabulous “Summertime Girlfriends Getaways” to get you and someone who may really need the magical touch of our Grand Beauty therapies.

I hope you will take advantage of what we have created to get you started on the beginnings of giving yourself permission to create the self love and renewal you deserve and create the life you want.

With Love,