Facial Proportion’s Importance To Beauty

Cosmetic surgeons agree that the most important aspect of beauty is facial proportion.   It is the various dimensions, angles and curves that work in harmony to create the concept of beauty.  These proportions can be applied across all ethnicities.  By evaluating your facial proportions, we can use make-up, brow shaping, hairstyle and dermal fillers to help shape our features to ideal proportions without surgery.  Before I discuss these further, remember that attractiveness is a combination of many qualities.  There are men and women whose faces are far from ideal, yet they are spectacular to behold. That is inner beauty. – Dr. Anne Herman, Medical Director / Anti-Aging Services at the Grand Beauty Spa

Step One in Facial Proportion

The first step to evaluation of proportion is to divide the face into equal thirds.  While viewing a photograph, divide your face into three sections by drawing horizontal lines through the forehead hairline, the brow, the base of the nose, and at the lower margin of the chin. On the ideal face, the three sections are equal.  If you these sections are not equal, we can help create the illusion of ‘equality’ through hairstyle and brow shaping.

Step Two in Facial Proportion

The second step is to determine symmetry.  Divide your face into halves along the mid-line.  The ideal face should be symmetrical.  While most people are not symmetrical, makeup and fillers can even out many discrepancies.

Step Three In Facial Proportion

The middle third of the face should be five times the width of one eye. The space between the two eyes should be the width of one eye. In addition, the width of the nose should not extend beyond the lines drawn down from the inner corners of the eyes.  Make-up can create the illusion of eyes being either closer together or wider apart if necessary.  The width of the eyes should also be considered when choosing hairstyle in order optimize the “five eye” rule.  If you have a narrow face, you will benefit from a cut that makes your face look wider. Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance cheekbone structure.
 A person with a wide face will look better with a slimming cut.

Dermal Fillers Instead of Surgical Procedures

Dermal fillers can replace several surgical procedures. Javier can bring a recessed chin forward.  It can also be used to straiten the nose without rhinoplasty.  To make your own chin evaluation, use a profile photo and draw a line straight down from your lower lip.
For a man, the projection of the chin should be even with the lip.
For a woman, the chin should be slightly behind the line.

Eyebrow shaping can make a big difference with minimal effort.  When looking at eyebrows, the brow arc should be symmetrical.  The end of the brows should be aligned with the cheekbone.  The length of the brows should be 1.5 times greater than the distance between them.  The inner eyebrow should be aligned to the nostrils.  If your brows do not do this naturally, an eyebrow pencil or permanent makeup can easily perfect your brow.
The upper lip should be two-thirds the width of the lower lip.  One can make a wide nose look narrower with a hairstyle that accentuates the cheekbones or using fillers to enhance cheekbones or plump lips.

When evaluating the right look for a face, the physician, aesthetician or stylist must know the person.  There are many hairstyles and makeup tricks that can create the same illusion.  Our goal is to create a look of effortless beauty that allows your personality to shine through.

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Article adapted from of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; The Face Book; 1991.