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Carmen, Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Its close to the end of summer and its the perfect time for Pampering yourself,

The Grand makes it easy to indulge  from European to Japanese treatments that rely on techniques that have been used for centuries  improving the body, skin, and hair. We invite you to enjoy stimulate all your senses with our  top 5 Grand Spa Treatments starting from head to toe.

  1. Scalp Massage
  2. Flawless Facial
  3. Body Beautiful
  4. Grand Massage
  5. Grand Pedicure

Spoil yourself spa style

Extend the blissful, beautifying, benefits of a day spent at the Grand in 20 minutes with this blissful bath ritual.

Following a maintenance plan will maintain the blissful peace and the results of your glowing body, gorgeous face, and amazing shiny hair in between Grand visits at home.  Here is my personal favorite step by step bathing ritual, guaranteed to keep everyone guessing: “How do you maintain that captivating glow and beautiful skin?”

Create A Sanctuary in Your Tub

To create a sanctuary in your own tub light a candle and fill your tub with warm water, add one Thalgo Effervescent bath care pebble.

Beginning at the face, apply appropriate skin cleanser: I like the Thalgo marine foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types. Massage your facial muscles in upward circular motions for one minute and rinse.

Next, apply Thalgo softness exfoliator  and massage in gentle upward circular motion  for 3 minutes. Leave it on. Begin to shampoo your hair . I love Shu Uemora moisture velvet shampoo.

Next, rinse your face and hair. Apply moisture velvet masque in sections to ensure every strand is conditioned. Massage scalp firmly with your finger tips. For added bliss knead your temples and  rub earlobes. Leave masque on hair.

Next apply recommended  Thalgo face mask and for immediate smoothing and brightening effect for the eyes you can apply wrinkle control eye patch mask. Leave mask on hair and face while you move to the rest of the body.

Next using a gentle touch and circular motion exfoliate your body with your favorite sugar or salt scrub starting at the shoulders chest belly back ending at the toes paying extra attention to your legs. I recommend Thalgo sweet and savory sugar scrub.

Finish with a quick cool rinse washing away all the dead skin surface cells off. while your skin is still damp lube up and lock in moisture with soft emultion body cream. I always end  this ritual with massaging and tapping my serum, moisturizer, and eye cream into my skin giving my face a little lift, and glow.

This decadent tub strategy can turn an ordinary soak into an enchanting, tension relieving, beautifying, spa like experience.

Make the experience twice as nice and Invite your sweetheart to join you!

Enjoy!  Carmen

P.S Don’t forget to sign up for this months Exfoliation event in the salon with Thalgo. If you love to Spa, Think about joining one of our Grand memberships and receive special pricing, discounts, and benefits. Trust me the mud alone is worth it!