I Want To Keep My Summer Shape!

Are you excited about the hard work you did to get your summer shape and want to keep it that way?  The holidays are coming fast, and in Florida, swimsuits will still be on for months to come. Do you have a work event or high school reunion to attend?  There is a Thalgo supplement at The Grand to help you stay just the way you want to look all year long!

Introducing Slim 7

Thalgo’s SLIM 7 is a delicious refining drink meant to be a starter to your new body shape, or to maintain the shape you want.  This supplement is designed to be a 7 day program.  You will dilute a 50ml capful into a large glass of water, once a day.

SLIM 7 is a red berry-flavored blend of active plants and algae.  Fucus brown algae and guarana are known for their ability to facilitate slimming.  Meadowsweet and cherry stem are used to encourage drainage.  Green tea helps to fight against physical fatigue, helping to restore the body’s energy balance.

In Thalgo’s research, women who used SLIM 7 Refining Drink are convinced of its results!  100% of the women observed visible results on their hips and 90% of them on their thighs.

Thalgo- La Sante Marine