The use of skin peeling for rejuvenation has been around no less that three centuries going back to ancient Egypt. Taking good care of the skin has always been about exfoliation.

There are different ways to remove unwanted dead skin layers. The best method should be determined through consultation with your esthetician. The decision should be based on your skin type, age and most importantly the problem that concerned you the most.

Microdermabrasion is still the most effective mechanical exfoliation and is ideal if you worry about enlarged pores, or have a rough, uneven skin texture. A combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peels have proven effective in dealing with hypo pigmentation and sun damaged skin. Chemical peels remove upper parts of the epidermis, allowing for regrowth of the surface skin through a wounding process which in turn stimulates the growth of new skin. Similar in depth of work, mild chemical peel are enzymes which work by consuming keratinized skin cells. Because of this action they deliver great results. Pumpkin peels especially have a high levels of vitamin A and beta carotene, two potent antioxidant ingredients. They can be used on the face as well as on the body.

This fall at The Grand Beauty Spa we are offering a Grand Pumpkin Peel specially designed for us by renowned chemist.

We have learned a great deal about exfoliation since the age of Cleopatra. Ancient papyrus stated that men should go into hiding for several weeks after undergoing a peel. Thankfully that is not the case today. Superficial chemical and enzymes peels have virtually no recovery time and improvement from a medium strength peel is visible after a week. Just in time for holidays!

Elzbieta (Ella) Macabe
Spa Director