Introducing Skinade

This past month, I have been drinking a collagen drink every morning. I am a firm believer that you are what you drink also!

Skinade operates from inside out. It restores depleted collagen, and it has the power to strengthen frail collagen bounds located underneath the dermis. Traditional beauty products work from the surface, where Skinade works from the inside out.

Skinade’s main ingredient is Marine Collagen. A special ingredient that comes from fresh water fish; this means it’s low in sodium and mercury-free! Full of tons of feel good vitamins Skinade has me feeling better than ever. 1 Skinade (90% absorption rate) is equivalent to taking 20 pills (30% absorption rate). Waking up and getting all of these nutrients in one small drink has been amazing. I feel good knowing it is gluten free, dairy free, and non-gmo. Flavored with peach and mangosteen, Skinade tastes delicious too! My favorite way to drink it is over crushed ice while doing my makeup in the morning.

Skinade says I will start seeing results after 30 days. So far I have felt more energetic! I look forward to seeing the changes from within. Stay tuned for more updates on my Skinade journey as time goes on.

Grand Beauty Stylist

Kirsten Snively