A “Recessionista” is a female who has fiscal smarts,  is inventive in her cash savings strategies and she can sniff out life’s little luxuries that can keep her just as happy as when her pockets were brimming with disposable greenbacks. Now, “Recessionista” has evolved to embrace full price shoppers – those who had never once before produced a coupon at a grocery store checkout.

At the Grand Beauty Spa, we understand the need to offer valuable services without sacrificing quality in order to allow the recessionista to enjoy the small and big luxuries she did before, such as popping into the spa for a facial or enjoying a pedicure every other week. Offering shorter versions of popular signature treatments are designed to keep your pocket in mind. You don’t have to go elsewhere for cheaper services or give up your favorite treatments.

That’s why we created the Recessionista Package especially for you.

We have it all at the Grand Beauty Spa, Medi-Spa and Salon.