September Note  from Carmen

Carmen Sargeant | Grand Beauty Spa ownerThe essence of beauty is a forward motion of exploration of new places and of discovering new aspects of oneself in the process. I love the Grand!

I know I say that all the time but the Grand is here for us to beautify from the inside out. With the caring touch of our highly skilled therapist and stylist, The Grand’s true essence is in the healing of ones soul and renewing the self. It is then in which we can take time in balancing our selves in the pursuit of happiness and peace.

We are so excited for a change of season. Exploration and discovery will be our theme for ending out the rest of the year. As we have been investing and creating new ways to pamper, relax, and beautify you.

We look forward to creating and proving you with out of the ordinary,  luxurious, creative, treatments and events imagined.

Let us teach you how to Spa.

With Gratitude,



Here is my Inspiration story from Shu Gallery of Style.


photo3  I was flooded with inspiration the moment I was informed about Shu Gallery of Style as this is my dream…. I have been preparing for this moment ever since I joined the team over 4 years ago.

I feel like I have earned  a bachelors  degree in Shu because of my journey with Shu.

Our Shu training’s have consisted of learning, practicing, sharing, teaching back to each other, and learning how to transfer the knowledge to our students which is how I believe one learns to push themselves to refinement.

When one humbles themselves to open their minds it is then when one gains the knowledge and wisdom to inspire others.

My research for the theme East meet West began with the idea of Eastern gardens verses Western gardens which are of two opposites that compliment each other ying/yang.

With two main principles which are scaled reduction and symbolization, one being the essence of an Eastern garden and the other a Western garden.

Western gardens create the ability to capture the natural essence and beauty of nature in miniature landscapes, they are usually highly abstract and modeled with spiritual and philosophical ideas, while Eastern gardens are optimized for a larger visual appeal with an idealized view of nature while drawing inspiration from naturally beautiful landscapes and paintings.

Once I chose  my canvas, “my model” I then began pulling inspiration from pictures, shapes, and different techniques.

I studied, practiced,took lots of notes, meditated, and sketched different ideas that came to mind.

I wanted to create something culturally beautiful, customized, and tailored to the occasion  “East meets West” theme. I then created a vision board. Words that came to me when finished with my vision board were inspiration, clarity, practice, tradition, detail, creativity, taking risk, purpose, stretching yourself, simplicity, passion, beauty, silhouette, love what you do, share your knowledge and give back.

My style is a ponytail that incorporates  braiding and knotting. Only needle and thread and 1 bungee are used. I was inspired to use this technique because I first learned this for the first time from a very challenging Shu class given at my salon before I joined the team. It’s one of my favorite tools for  tailoring hair for any special occasions.

Seams are created with needle and thread to customize the difference between textures as if I were sewing a high fashion tailored dress except in a head shape form verses a dress form.

Key points and advantages of sewing

Gives you no limits on creating runway looks on a head form creating a tailored customized hairstyle.

Long lasting and painless style that will endure any night out

Ability to secure hair in areas that pins would normally show,

A creative and fashion forward customization of a look By adding different color and texture threads to your design.

Shu Uemura product list.    Shu

  • Detail master
  • Texture wave
  • Volume maker
  • Sheer lacquer hairspray
  • fiber lift
  • Dep sea prep
  • Satin design