Detoxifying the body means cleaning the blood that flows through our entire body.

Our body’s system is compromised when toxins aren’t being eliminated from our body.  Toxins that are held in our body affect every cell.  Our bodies work overtime to function normal and maintain good health.

Toxins get into our body in so many ways.  A few include:

  • household cleaning products
  • processed food
  • food grown with pesticides
  • food cooked directly over a fire
  • unfiltered water
  • airborne chemicals such as car fumes
  • cigarette smoke
  • perfume
  • home air fresheners.

Stress releases hormones into our body that create toxins as well; this slows the enzymes in the liver that help filter toxins.

There are many ways to detoxify our body.

Massage Detoxification

Routinely making time for a massage has many benefits; one of which is to detoxify.  massage detox

The varied pressure, strokes toward your lymph system, and use of hot stones stimulates blood flow which increases oxygen to the tissue and stimulates organs to function better to eliminate the toxins.  Increased blood flow and oxygen to tissue stimulates the immune system to ward off disease and better filter out these toxins that create an illness, infection, or fatigue.  Massage releases stress to lower the harmful stress hormone that creates a toxin.

Relieving this stress allows us to breathe deeper allowing the oxygen to circulate more completely through our system and detoxing every cell.

When we start to detoxify our body, the toxins need a way out.

During a massage the fluid is moved through the lymph system and best expelled by drinking plenty of water to flush the toxins out through our urine.

Another way our body expels toxins is through sweat.  Exercise increases blood flow and creates perspiration; so it’s an excellent way to rid toxins.  Relax and stimulate your body and mind with our unique detoxifying water therapies before or after a service.  This process allows the body to sweat out the toxins as well.  Take advantage of our free  infrared sauna and steam,  offered in our locker room.


The Infrared Sauna and Steam Detox Process:

  • Start off with showering with soap and water to cleanse and open the pores
  • Then move into the infrared sauna for ten minutes which also burns calories
  • Follow with a cool rinse in the shower
  • Then move into the steam room for ten minutes
  • Lastly, rinse in the shower and make sure to hydrate with plenty of water
  • Repeat therapies if needed, without getting overheated

More Grand Beauty Spa Detox Treatments

At The Grand, we offer other treatments that can be added on to any massage detoxification to boost your detox to the next level.

Body exfoliation treatments remove dead skin cells that clog pores and don’t allow your skin to breathe to the point that it hinders toxin removal.

You can soak in the tub after your scrub allowing the salt to draw out more impurities; or just a salt bath can be added to draw out the impurities after the massage.

For more of a detox, a hot stone body exfoliation can be added that will increase the blood flow and oxygen to the next level.  Other options for detox at The Grand include mud and algae wraps and oral supplements.

We recommend a biweekly routine to give your body its best chance at optimum.  Always drink plenty of water following services.


See you soon at The Grand!

Kimberly Bowe