This time of year always feels so colorful. The season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, is what we know as Spring. Surrounded by beautiful blooms in Florida I always find such inspiration.

This year’s theme for Shu Uemura Gallery Of Style is Tokyo-Rama, showcasing the versatility of Tokyo’s landscape. I couldn’t help but imagine beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossoms hand crafted out of hair itself.


• My Inspiration •
Japanese gardens are modeled with spiritual and philosophical ideas in mind. In 1912, Japan gave more than 3,000 cherry-blossom trees to the United States as a gift to honor the growing bond between the two countries. The Japanese cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. These delicate blossoms were handcrafted by me with love showing the beauty of Tokyo’s landscape. Just as the branches represents friendship, my braid signifies unity between all L’Oréal brands.

Step 1:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Step 1

Create the color of the blossoms.
After many cocktailed colors I found the perfect rose hue.

Step 2:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Step 2

I then washed with Shu Uemura Color Lustre to ensure its shine. I gave the hair a light mist of Shu Uemura Wonder Worker and let them air dry.

Step 3:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Step 3

Make hair moldable.
Combining Sheer Lacquer with extra fine glitter I ironed it into the hair to create a fabric. I then wrapped the hair around the hairspray can to begin my shape.

Step 4:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Step 4

This is where I almost gave up. I found this step very challenging. Forming the hair into the actual blossom was not easy. I ran into fly-aways, odd looking creations and thrown away blossoms. I finally figured out how to delicately form the petals. Patience is key.

Step 5:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Step 5

Pack up and head to the photography studio to bring this vision to life!


With the help of my dream team Ally Lamb & Courtney Bianco my Japanese Cherry Blossoms were crafted and photographed to submit into the competition.

Japanese Cherry Blossom - dream team

Thank you Shu Uemura for this opportunity!

I look forward to what my future holds with Artist position with Kèrastase. Working for L’Oreal has been so rewarding thus far!

 Kèrastase Artist & Grand Beauty Stylist
Kirsten Snively