Fall is here!! Hello Grand Beauties:)

Carmen Sargeant | Grand Beauty Spa ownerA little inspiration I wrote for my development days in NYC with the Shu Uemura and Kerastase team I wanted to share with you all.

Like a scientist who studies and tries to find new discoveries, except as beauty stylist we do it as an art form on humans. Creativity must be nurtured from within. The perfect sculpted head-form created by expert hands we have to also integrate the human touch of connection for our art form.

Every canvas is different no one is alike so we are challenged or inspired to create something different and new but how? I am inspired by art, travel, people, nature , sports, culture, religion, dance, fine dining, people watching, opera, babies, teens, fashion magazines, jewelry, architecture, TV, the ocean, and Love. They all have a different shape form that can translate to inspired hair.

We have to step out of the box! The idea of believing you can do something that no one has done before. Purity of artistic expression and figuring out the foundations of the sculpture and beauty of the head shape.

Its the idea of collaboration and sharing that is why we are here at this moment.

Thank you always,