The 1st ritual hair service prescribed by the professional hair stylist that starts in the salon and allows you to continue the benefits of the treatment at-home with three more applications.

A new generation of concentrated active ingredients freshly fused, tailor-made and created for you.

Fusio-Dose is the 1st entirely customized ritual from Kerastase, capable of resolving all your hair problems. Your hair is fundamentally treated and instantly transformed.

Fusio Dose treatments : First system of ultra-concentrated active ingredients for personalized results.


After conducting a personalized diagnosis, your hair consultant will work with you to determine the specific needs of your hair, as well as your expectations. He/she will then recommend the Fusio-Dose combination best suited to you.


Your hair consultant will create an instant fusion of ultra-concentrated active ingredients with exclusive technologies for an instant, deep transformation.


Thanks to an ultra-precise micro-diffusion, the active ingredients in the treatment deliver deep, targeted action to immediately transform the hair fiber.

Ask your hair consultant for your at-home FUSIO-DOSE HOMELAB program