Modern Look for Sexy Halloween Makeup – The “Sexy Vampiress”

Bitten lips and blood red nails are hot for Halloween, so your most obvious costume choice is a vampire. The “Vampiress,” (the female version of a vampire) is a darkly romantic creature of the night—a man-eating vixen with a taste for human flesh. She gets her beauty sleep alongside bats—usually hanging upside down so her hair is always voluminous—and embodies gothic glamour with pale skin, smudged eye makeup and blood-red lips.

Vampiressface_img | Halloween makeup

To Get The Look (Face):

Start by using a primer so you can even out your skin.  Next, apply foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin color, blending it down the neck and chest.

You want to look as though your skin has never seen the light of day, so set the foundation with some loose powder that is the same shade as the foundation. Pick a dark plum color for the cheeks but be cautious; you want to use it only to add depth to the cheeks, not to add color so apply it very lightly at the hollow of the cheeks.

To Get The Look (Eyes):

vampiress_eye_shadow img | Halloween makeup

Apply an eye shadow base to the entire eyelid area and extend upward towards the brow bone.

vampiress_liquid_eyeliner img | Halloween makeup

Use a liquid eyeliner in blackest black or an intense purple.  Line the base of your bottom lashes and apply a thick layer around the top lid and wing out when you reach the corners to create a cat eye effect.

Vampiress_bl_pencil_liner img | Grand Beauty Spa

Line the waterline with a black pencil liner to add depth to the outline of the eye.

Vampiress_Pink_Powder_shadow img | Halloween makeup

Apply a pink powder shadow directly above the crease of your eye.  Using a clean blending brush, blend the edge of the pink upward, stopping about a finger’s width below the arch of your brow. Apply the same pink to the inner corner of your bottom lid and blend it downward.

Vampiress_plum_powder_shadow img | Halloween makeup

Using a packing brush, gently pat a dark plum powder shadow over the top of the lid and up to the crease of your eye.  Extend the shadow in a small triangle, just above the shape of the eyeliner. Using a clean blending brush, blend the plum upward into the pink by drawing short upward strokes, overlapping the colors slightly (do not cover all of the pink with the plum, you should still be able to see a distinct pink).

Vampiress_plum_shadow_lower img | Halloween makeup

Apply the plum eye shadow to the lower lid, following the outline of the eyeliner.  Make it thicker and blend downward toward the outer corner of the eye by making tiny circles with a clean blending brush.

vampiress_brow_highlighter img | Halloween makeup

Swipe a highlighter over the brow bone and blend it slightly down into the pink by making short strokes downward with a blending brush.

To Get The Look (Lips):

Vampiress_Ombre_lip | Halloween makeup

To create this Ombre lip look, start by using a black lip liner (you can even use black eyeliner for this) and outline the outside corners of your lips.  Smudge a moderate amount towards the middle of your lip as shown in section 1.

Vampiress_Ruby_lipstick | Halloween makeup

Next, apply a ruby lipstick color to the middle of your lips.  Make sure the lipstick is not matte; this will make it difficult to blend the two colors. Finally, apply a wet-finish lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip and use a lip brush to blend it in.  Use the brush to outline the lips, but try to leave the outer corners untouched.

Happy Halloween!

Stewart Pittman
Beauty Stylist & Makeup Artist