The body is a temple, nurture it with the most utmost love and respect. Happy Spring Grand Beauties and especially our Grand Guys too …

We need and should go within more often.  We should surrender to our own unique and individual selves.

When the body calls to be pampered:

Find silence, relax, and have a moment of devotion to allow the body, mind, and soul to calm down and renew!

When the body aches, give it a soothing massage or pick me up facial. When it feels sluggish and needs to be detoxified, then do it!! These are the keys to self truth, self awareness, and happiness. The Grand is a place created for self awareness and discovery and I’m in hopes that guest who visit will experience a unique spa experience because of the caring touch of our Grand staff and therapists. Who say’s visiting the spa is anything other then absolutely necessary?

So that’s why we came up with our Grand Prescription for Health membership.

We are all so caught up in this fast pace life that I’m always in disbelief when our guests can’t even find an hour in a month for pampering themselves!

It certainly feels like 2014 is going to fly even faster than previous years. So how can we slow it down so we can take more time for our selves, family, and friends? With life busier than ever before it’s really important for all of us to pause and take time for rejuvenating our soul.

So please pause, listen and pamper yourself…this month’s Grand Spa Special Packages may be a good place to start!