Rita Claudia at Villa ThalgoEarlier this summer I visited the spa Villa Thalgo in Paris-Trocadero. 
This is the main spa of the well-known beauty line Thalgo. I am proud share that 
The Grand Beauty Spa is the Thalgo flagship spa in Tampa.

The experience is like a world onto itself.

It welcomes you with a 
gracious greeting of a beautiful woman who reflects the most overwhelming
beauty that demonstrates the internationally famous Thalgo line.  I was 
also greeted by Madame Chloe Granger-Riolle, the “Responsable clientele/Qualite.”
After that, I was accompanied by a young therapist Amelie to my treatment room.
 Villa Thalgo Treatment Room

Mademoiselle Amelie, who is both a massage therapist and an esthetician, started my treatment with a welcoming relaxing back massage using Lavender oil.  This was followed by a facial  “Soin Terre & Mer.”  Both treatments made me wish I could stay in Paris forever!

Then I was taken to the lobby where I could choose among healthy beverages.

 lovely petit fours were looking at me and I was looking at them.  To the right behind lighted glass, was a large beautiful swimming pool with water that was the bluest blue imaginable.  It is exclusively for women who are taught water therapies by a good-looking young male physiotherapist dressed in a skimpy tight speedo bathingsuit which left little to the imagination. 🙂

Upon the conclusion of my visit, I received a guided tour of the entire spa with Madame Chloe who permitted me to take photographs of this first class elegant premises. See all of the pictures of my visit in the Villa Thalgo album on The Grand Beauty Spa Facebook page.

The experience was almost other-worldly.  The silence in the spa was remarkable  considering that I was in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Come visit us in Tampa at The Grand Beauty Spa. It is our mission to share a similar experience with your right here in Tampa!
Esthetician  & Grand Beauty Spa Director