Exfoliate your skin on a regular routine to help eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. These dead cells accumulate more as we age, due to slower skin regeneration.

Removing the dead skin cells lets moisture in, keeping the skin more hydrated, smooth, youthful and glowing.

A good exfoliation regimen depends on skin type and product. For drier more sensitive skin, one to two times a week is sufficient. For oily and less sensitive skin, two to three times a week is good.

Using a less abrasive product allows for more exfoliation days without irritating the skin. Always apply a good moisturizer after exfoliating.

Exfoliation is a must before a spray tan.

It leaves your color more natural, less blotchy from dead skin cell buildup. It extends the color and length of your tan by your skin cells not shedding off your color. Never apply moisturizer before your spray tan. The product will not adhere and color transfers and washes away with your moisturizer

The exfoliating product you choose makes a difference in your overall goal. The most popular bases are salt, sugar, or a blend of both.

Sugar scrubs are softer, yet stickier than salt. Sugar dissolves easier and better for sensitive skin.

Salt based scrubs are better for a deeper exfoliation, on more callused areas and less sensitive skin because it’s more abrasive. Salt scrubs have an extra benefit of remineralizing and pulling toxins from the skin. Salt scrubs absorb more oil making it ideal for acne prone areas. Avoid salt scrubs on broken or already irritated skin.

For healthier youthful skin, and to extend your tan- book your Grand body exfoliation today!