Welcome to The Grand Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

We will be your massage therapists for today’s treatment.

You will begin your day with with an incredibly relaxing Cleopatra Precious Milk Bath.

Cleopatra Precious Milk Bath

Feel like Cleopatra in this milky aroma effervescent bath promoting relaxation of any tension zones and softening the skin.

Bath in soft and creamy milk… Also reputed to give women a fascinating magnetism and irresistible powers of seduction.

The tub is already heated and the jacuzzi jets are on. You will spend 25 minutes in the tub, then rinse off and lie face down on the Massage Tables where we are scheduled for 80 minute Grand Massages.

The Grand Massage

While all of our massages help relieve tension, allowing your body to relax and rejuvenate, The Grand Massage is a therapeutic synergy of Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu massage technologies are tailored to renew and revitalize mind and body

Please remember that these treatments are entirely about you and and feedback is greatly appreciated if you feel the need. We will not be initiating any conversation once we begin.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Smith…We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your time with us at The Grand. Your lunch will be served on the patio.

Since you have seemed to enjoy you time with us, and we know how difficult it is to buy gifts for each other for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays; may we suggest that you purchase The Couples Massage Package. That way, you each get to share in the joy, relaxation, and therapy of your gifts to each other.