By Krysta Coggins

It’s Thursday night and I just got a call from “the guy” who makes my heart skip a beat to go grab dinner and a movie.  Now most often I would reject a spur of the moment date, but this is one that I cannot turn down.

After hanging up the phone, I realize that I have exactly 45 minutes to meet him.  No time to wash my 3-day old hair…what to do?!?!?

Thank God that the fashionably creative designers who dazzled the runways with their spring collections brought forth an awesome trend for just this occasion.

img Turban style headband Tampa Hair Salon

Turban style headband

My saving hair grace is a turban-style headband.  This trend was seen all over the runways at Giorgio Armani to Jason Wu.

Not only are they easy to wear, they are my go-to solution when my bangs are not cooperating or when I am suffering from a bad case of unwashed hair.

The styles to choose from are endless to meet your specific look.  They range in fabrics from wool to silk and have every pattern you can imagine.  I love to pair them casually with jeans and a t-shirt or even a flowy maxi dress. To top off the look, add a pair of aviators and you will achieve the 70’s bohemian look that is ‘in’ this season.

If the turban-style headband is not your forte (i.e. makes your head look huge), a few other fun trends that you can try are using necklaces as headbands, over-sized flower adornments, French clips, as well as Indian and hippie-inspired head accessories.  They really accent the natural beauty of the hair.

I am an advocate of embracing frizz and working with what you have.  In fact, I embrace my frizz and I try to teach my clients to do the same, especially living in this humid Florida weather.   I feel that it is easier to work with rather than working against texture…

Thankfully texture and frizz are in 🙂 So try the headband or other spring accessory when you are in your next hair bind.

Oh, and  I ended up with a second date!