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Carmen, Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Note From the Owner:

Summer is the season to kick back, lighten up, and adopt a new beauty regimen that’s as paired down as your wardrobe.

But summer heat and humidity, chlorine from the pool, and salt air from the beach can lead to a multitude of beauty messes.

We have a solution for that at the Grand Beauty Spa. Why not cope with summer beauty  challenges during our Christmas in July celebration ?

Christmas in July?

Why not!

We decided to find out the history about this popular holiday and think you will enjoy reading the research found on this popular non-holiday.

Its the perfect excuse to bring cheer and happiness to one of the warmest months of the year except you won’t get the rush that goes with the real Holiday!

When the weather is warm, most of us prefer less make-up, simple hairstyles, and a smooth barer body.

It’s all about taking care of you and yes sometimes we need an excuse or permission to do so.  The Grand is the perfect place for spoiling yourself. Go ahead. Give yourself permission.

This summer we focus on the body. Summer is the best time for body treatment wraps because we have to wear those little things called bikinis.

Grand spa therapist use special tricks and ingredients to relax your body and mind  while making your skin glow with added slimming and detoxifying benefits renewing a baby soft bod? If you have not tried one yet it’s a must try! I love having the Express facial while being wrapped, then if your craving a fresh look, complete your day with a grand blow-dry.

Enjoy your summer,