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A Mother’s Day Note from Carmen

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa OwnerHappy Mother’s Day Grand Beauties!

Being a mother is one of God’s many blessings.  As a working mother of 4, I can relate to all the endless planning, cooking, picking up, and running around, etc.  It’s crazy to think most of us don’t take the time to re energize our bodies or souls.

Take time for you

Celebrate your special day and enjoy your many blessings with your sons, daughters, grandchildren, family, and pets.  Celebrate and love yourself for […]

Ten Tips to Get the Most From Your Massage

By Bruce Harburg LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist

Here are ten tips from our Grand Beauty Spa Massage Therapists to get the most from your next massage.

  1. Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible.
    • Give yourself permission to forget that there is a world on the other side of the door.
  2. Don’t eat just before a massage session.
    • Let your body digest your meal first. We will be pleased to order your meal for after your treatment.
  3. massage | Tampa Spa

  4. Be on time. Better yet, arrive early.
    • First […]

The Power of Touch | Couples Massage

Did you know if a baby was born and never touched, the baby survival rate is low?

couples_massage | Spa Tampa MassageThe power of touch is important and very reassuring.

This is a time to grasp that and be grateful for our elders for discovering Massage Therapy.  Time is of the essence.  We all wish we could spend more time with a loved one.  What a better way than a couples massage, whether your couple is a significant other, a sibling, or a friend.

Couples Massage

Either with […]

Love Yourself. You’ll Have More to Give Others

We often find it hard to love ourselves.  Particularly women.  We will love our dear ones and everyone else we find we should love, but we forget to love ourselves.  It is important to once in a while take out time to not only give yourself a pat on the shoulder, but also to pamper yourself.

Spend a day at the spa!

We have several packages such as our Grand Spa Sampler (which is my favorite ) that includes an Express facial, 40 minute massage, Grand manicure & pedicure, Blow-dry….and lunch!

We also have new packages every month […]

December note from Carmen

img Carmen - Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Are you one of those people who would like to leave everyday life behind once in a while?

Do you long to reawaken your senses in a place dedicated solely to beauty and relaxation with results?

The Grand Beauty Spa was created for guests to have a wonderful pampered experience.

We invite you to spend a few hours or the day and let us care for your well-being through our exceptional customized beauty detailed treatments.

One of my favorite treatments this time of year other than […]

4 Skincare Tips for End of Summer

The summer can leave our skin dry, parched, abused, and sometimes even
sunburned.  During the fall and winter seasons, we often wear more makeup and we get back to activities where we need to be a bit more put together like holiday and dinner parties.  Because of this, we need to get our skin back in tip-top shape.   While the change 
from summer is much more apparent in the north than here in Florida, the
 seasonal change even here in Florida is a time to reflect on the
 messages below and the need to […]

Spoil yourself spa-style from head to toe

img Carmen - Tampa Day Spa

Its close to the end of summer and its the perfect time for Pampering yourself,

The Grand makes it easy to indulge  from European to Japanese treatments that rely on techniques that have been used for centuries  improving the body, skin, and hair. We invite you to enjoy stimulate all your senses with our  top 5 Grand Spa Treatments starting from head to toe.

  1. Scalp Massage
  2. Flawless Facial
  3. Body Beautiful
  4. Grand Massage
  5. Grand Pedicure

Spoil yourself […]

June Means Father’s Day and Beach Ready Looks

img Carmen - Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Note from the Owner…

Is it really this hot here, or is it just us? As summer time inches closer with each passing day how will you beat the Florida heat this season?

Perhaps more importantly, how will you take care of your body, skin, and hair between summer beach vacations, long travels or enjoying our own Tampa Bay. Think about a mini spa getaway while the kids go to summer camp.

Beach Ready Look

Are you dreaming of looking better in your swimsuit?

We have strategized to […]

8 Tips For A Man’s Spa Day

img man-facial

Many men remain perplexed about treating themselves to the pampering associated with a day at the spa.

But a trip to the spa is not just about gratification! Making an appointment at The Grand Beauty Spa can and will become an important part of your manly maintenance.

Facials and Pedicures are important steps of caring for yourself and keeping your skin healthy and clear. Take some time to get familiar with all that goes along with Men’s Spa Days, from etiquette to the treatments that men secretly love….

1.  Spa Arrival: Be […]

The Origins and Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Origins

Did you know that three main cultures influenced modern day hot stone massage?  These cultures are the Chinese, Native Americans and the Hawaiians.

The first recorded hot stone practice was said to be by ancient Chinese medical practitioner to treat disease.  The Native Americans used hot stones on the lower abdomen to relieve cramps.  The Hawaiians wrapped the hot stones in leaves with therapeutic properties, placing them on sore muscles to reduce pain.

Modern day hot stone practices

Modern day hot stone […]