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Massage Cupping Therapy. Timeless Body Healing.

Cupping therapy is a timeless body healing modality.

Massage Cupping Therapy is a modern form of this ancient technique. This can be a stand alone treatment, or combined with a hands on or stone massage.

The majority of the body can be cupped, using different sized poly-carbonate cups to fit each section. In traditional modern massage cupping, lotion is applied to the skin using gliding strokes toward the lymph system for drainage. Cups can be left stationary for a very short period as well, lifted and rotated for better tissue / adhesion release, blood flow and toxin/inflammation release.

Advantages to Massage Cupping Therapy

The […]

Love is in the Air! Give the Gift of a Lavish Valentines Day Experience

Valentines day is approaching and here at The Grand, we love to lavish relaxation and peace into your life. So why not give the gift that gives back?milk and rose petals bath

Our couples massages are a wonderful way to show someone just how much you care with the added benefit of relaxation for you! And for those looking for an extra special treat, add a couples Cleopatra Milk Bathing Ritual.

Allow the bath in one of our spa tubs wash away the cares of the world! Leaving behind nothing but you, […]



ASHIATSU:  “ASHI” meaning Foot. “ATSU” meaning Pressure

The deepest most Luxurious massage on the planet is now the deepest most therapeutic massage for health. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a western modality based upon ancient forms of Asian treatments utilizing parallel bars overhead for balance and leverage, the AOBT therapist uses her body weight to apply pressure directed through her bare feet. Smooth, Flowing, gliding, technique on lubricated skin provides and intensely deep, and amazingly relaxing therapeutic massage experience. Our clients receive anything from moderate pressure to very deep work without the pain and […]

Did You Know? A One Hour Massage is as Good as a Full Night Sleep.

Did you know that one hour massage equates to 7-8 hours of sleep for the body?

With flu season in high gear and the holidays just around the corner you need to be at your best, so why not come in for a massage!

After years of research and studies, many doctors now believe that massage has many health benefits for the immune system and are recommending it for their patients. As always your health is a priority here at the Grand, so we agree with the doctors.

Whether it’s a Deep tissue massone hour massage

Get the Most Out of Your Massage with Postural Evaluation!

Postural Evaluation analysis and developing strategy for an effective massage

Before starting any massage it is best to take time for some assessment. Whether in a dynamic or standing postural evaluation skeletal landmarks can be measured and soft tissue arrangements noted.

Combined with questions about any areas of pain, range of motion testing and palpatory examination, postural analysis sets a baseline from which changes and improvements can be measured. This keeps the client and Therapist engaged with measurables; even if the client “just want to relax.”

If it is determined that certain groups of soft tissue: fascia, muscles, their synergists and antagonists must […]

A Day in the Life of a Grand Couples Massage

Welcome to The Grand Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

We will be your massage therapists for today’s treatment.

You will begin your day with with an incredibly relaxing Cleopatra Precious Milk Bath.

Cleopatra Precious Milk Bath

Feel like Cleopatra in this milky aroma effervescent bath promoting relaxation of any tension zones and softening the skin.

Bath in soft and creamy milk… Also reputed to give women a fascinating magnetism and irresistible powers of seduction.

The tub is already heated and the jacuzzi jets are on. You will spend 25 minutes in the tub, then rinse off and lie face down on the Massage Tables where we are […]

Stretching and Therapeutic bodywork

Optimally, stretching helps prevent and alleviate acute or chronic injuries.

Stretching is action to extend, lengthen and elongate soft tissues.  Because tight muscles joints and other soft tissues can be painful , decrease movement, and lead to injury, we recommend certain stretching techniques that can be performed easily before during or after a massage treatment; On occasion the primary technique for a therapeutic massage session.

Shortened and contracted soft tissues resist lengthening and limit mobility of the joints they cross. Flexible joints are less prone to injury because they have more freedom of movement, and they are better able to handle stresses […]

Massage Therapy – Mastering the Stress of Daily Life

Are your kids back into the school year and with it sports?

Have family gatherings and holidays started to make their way onto your calendar?

And of course, your job is as demanding as ever, right?

Perhaps the better question is what do all of these things have in common?

They can all introduce copious amounts of stress into your daily life.

According to the Center for Complimentary and Alternative medicine, the activation of the stress into daily life causes muscles throughout a person’s body to tense up. When the stressful event ends, the muscles should relax. However, if stress remains constant, […]

Note From Carmen – Renew Yourself and Your Spirit This Summer

Happy summer Grand beauties;)

Summer is a good time to take a half time! To get ready for new beginnings and let go anything not needed in your  life. As 2014 flows this will be a time to buckle down your heels and dig into whatever it is in your paths, at this moment.

No matter where your stress comes from, thank goodness for The Grand Beauty Spa… At least you can preserve yourself and your spirit  with a Grand Ageless Facial, massage, and fresh haircut and color. And don’t forget the nails 😉

Our employees and therapist understand […]

Relax Renew & Reinvigorate with Regular Bodywork Sessions

The Benefits from Massage. Profound Results A Commitment To Regular Bodywork Sessions Brings

Getting a massage can result in:

  • decreased anxiety level
  • enhanced sleep quality
  • greater energy
  • reduced fatigue

Getting massage frequently renders even more profound results. Just because massage feels like a pampering treat does not preclude its therapeutic effects: pain cycle interruption and restoration of normal function at the joints, connective tissue and layers of muscle.

When you work out, in the weight room, on the yoga mat or in the Pilates studio, the body talks to you. Tell us what you hear. We will target our bodywork sessions. For example, tight gluteals might be […]