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//Body Treatments

Note from Carmen – Be Pink!

Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa owner Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa owner

Hello Grand Beauties!

Doesn’t it feel like the perfect fall season for adding some mocha colors to your hair, or purifying the body thru our marine based body treatments, or maybe even revitalizing old, tired, dull skin creating a youthful glow with the best European skincare available?

Well there’s no excuse! Hopefully by now you have attended one of our fabulous events, if not it’s time to treat yourself. This month’s theme is “Be […]

Carmen Adds Her Twist to Dr. Oz Detox Clease

Note from the owner

Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa owner

Happy summer Grand Beauties.

I think this is one of the best times to Detox. Have you had enough of the BBQ? Burgers, Pork ribs, Beef brisket, Steak?

All so yummy but talk about wanting to become a vegetarian after a family/friends weekend gathering.

Dr. Oz 3 Day Clease Plan, Ala Carmen

So the first thing I did after our family road-trip back from Tennessee was go to Rolling Oats to purchase all organic ingredients for my 3 day […]

Grand June – New Polynesian Ritual, Skin Protection, and Beautiful Healthy Sun Kissed Hair

Hello Grand Beauties, Summertime is finally here!

Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa owner

Its time to enjoy because summer goes by way too fast.

Headed to the beach or lake house this summer? Or maybe boating, and a vacation or a little gardening?

Taking Care of Your Skin and Hair

The Grand understands how damaging this time of year can be for our skin and hair. That’s why Summertime is all about slowing down and taking a break and hopefully taking better care for yourself.

So this month the Grand focuses on skin protection, glowing […]

Sun Kissed Body Treatments That Will Leave Your Glowing Inside and Out

Vitalizing skin to feel and look its healthiest takes more than one step…but it’s a fun journey and so worth taking!

First Step in “Sun Kissed Body Treatment”


The first step i recommend is to have your skin basked in a “sun-kissed body treatment”!

Thalgo Descomask




body treament

mmmm, i feel wonderful”!


Body Exfoliation goes back to the purest tradition of the Mediterranean Roman Bath era.

To this day, the results of exfoliation are proven to be […]

Massage Detoxification and More Grand Beauty Detox Treatments !

Detoxifying the body means cleaning the blood that flows through our entire body.

Our body’s system is compromised when toxins aren’t being eliminated from our body.  Toxins that are held in our body affect every cell.  Our bodies work overtime to function normal and maintain good health.

Toxins get into our body in so many ways.  A few include:

  • household cleaning products
  • processed food
  • food grown with pesticides
  • food cooked directly over a fire
  • unfiltered water
  • airborne chemicals such as car fumes
  • cigarette smoke
  • perfume
  • home air fresheners.

Stress releases hormones into our body that create toxins as well; this slows the enzymes in the liver that help filter […]

The Benefits of Detox Body Wraps

Detox Body WrapsMarine Algae wrap | Grand Beauty Spa

Detox body wraps offer many benefits, including:

  • toning the skin
  • moisturizing dry skin
  • detoxifying the body


At The Grand Beauty Spa, our Marine Algae wrap has proven to be most effective.

The Micronized Marine Algae works best in drawing out toxins while also delivering many vitamins and minerals to the skin.  Detox body wraps are a wonderful way to rid the body of toxins while you relax.

Request and appointment or come in today and prepare […]

Balneotherapy at The Grand

Balneotherapy at The Grand Beaut SpaBalneotherapy is the use of baths as a therapy to treat certain parts or the whole of the body.

There are different types of balneotherapy:

  • mud
  • ozone bubbling baths
  • algae

The popularity of baths in the last ten years has lead to the creation of health and sport centers and spas.  In France, the term balneotherapy is strictly reserved for the medical or paramedical field.

The bathing rituals we offer here at The Grand relieve stress, relax muscles, relieve joints, stimulate circulation, […]