Modern Man’s Guide to Hands and Feet

By Heather Clontz

Acceptable care for your nails means managing a tricky balance of looking like you care but also don’t care too much.  The following is a guide to help you maintain this balance of caring for your flanges.

Etiquette for Hands

First off long finger nails on a man scream flamenco guitarist. It often provokes images of wizards and those who like to lock themselves in the basement of their homes to play D&D alone.

So grab your nail clippers and start trimming those bad boys down to about the width of a dime.


If you bite or chew […]

Two For One Father’s Day. He’ll Love it!

Father’s day is just around the corner. Doesn’t he deserve a Grand Day?

Having a male clientele as large as my female, clientele I have learned men love to be pampered just as women do, but in less time.

That is why The Grand Beauty Spa has these amazing beds called the Grand Versailles which can accommodate our signature Grand Facial and Grand Pedicure at the same time.

Grand Versailles table

A client of mine likes to call this “a two for one deal” […]