Hot New Fall Trends

The leaves will begin to fall, but girls go ahead and let your summer colors fall right into this season with you!

No need to totally ditch them for the darker more mysterious fall colors.deep chocolate hair color- Tampa Salon

Tie in your beautiful rich colors with a pop of bright color.

Fall Hair Colors

For example, give your hair a little more depth for the season with more dimension from a deep chocolate or rich raspberry tone

Fashion Week 2011 – Hot Fall Makeup Trends

Gold eyes | Tampa SalonAs we head into the fall months, it is time to refresh your makeup collection and step out with a fresh look to move you out of summer and into the crisp new season.

Fashion Week 2011 provided a look into what trends are hot this season.

Gold Was The “It” Color

Gold was the “it” color for eyes as models sported everything from shimmers to mattes for the fall season.

Smokey eyes | Tampa Makeup

Beyond Make-up: Looks That Last

A special congratulations to my beautiful cousin and August Bride Tanya Marie Navarro

There are plenty of little tricks to achieve the look you want for your special Wedding day from freckle-zappers to LASH and Hair Extensions.The Bride: Michelle

About 4 years ago I decided to undergo a complete career make-over and found myself a few weeks later in Aesthetics school.  I was inspired to specialize in eyes in some fashion and declared it at graduation.  A few months later after joining the industry I enrolled […]

June Means Father’s Day and Beach Ready Looks

img Carmen - Owner Grand Beauty Spa

Note from the Owner…

Is it really this hot here, or is it just us? As summer time inches closer with each passing day how will you beat the Florida heat this season?

Perhaps more importantly, how will you take care of your body, skin, and hair between summer beach vacations, long travels or enjoying our own Tampa Bay. Think about a mini spa getaway while the kids go to summer camp.

Beach Ready Look

Are you dreaming of looking better in your swimsuit?

We have strategized to […]

5 minute secrets to spruce up your look for lunch with the girls or out on the town!

We all know moms have one of the busiest jobs juggling career, family, or both.

Some days it is hard to find the time to do anything for yourself.  Since your time is precious, here are a few tips on how to spruce up your look whether you are going to lunch with the girls or out on the town with your significant other.  Each look will take less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

img daytime lookDaytime look

A daytime look includes […]

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows

by Niccell Shapiro

No matter what coloring, hair style or face-shape you have, eyebrows can dramatically change your appearance.

That’s why you should never underestimate the importance of having perfect eyebrows.  As a professional make-artist would say, “brows ARE the shape of the face”!

img tinted brow shadowHow To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Skin waxing is a quick and relatively easy way to achieve shaping your eyebrows. This procedure is an excellent alternative to tweezing.  However, for women with ultra sensitive skin, a great set of tweezers may have […]

Hot and Sassy Spring Makeup Trends

By Stewart Pittman

As the temperature begins to rise and the sun is starting to peek out, start to revamp your makeup for the Spring season.  The Spring 2011 eye makeup trends look fabulous and diverse allowing you to select a makeup style which suits different occasions.  If you are a slave to your current makeup routine, now may be the perfect time to spice things up a bit.Bold Lips

Lips will be front and center this spring with bold colors.  Paint your pout with bold […]

Makeup for the New Year – Dramatic or Nude?

By Stewart Pittman

With the holidays coming to an end there are still many reasons to celebrate and keep your makeup looking spectacular whether you are attending a party for Gasparilla or just simply a night out for dinner.

Tampa Spa | Dramatic Eye MakeupTake a look to some of the hottest trends in Winter 2011 makeup tips for you to try. This season it’s time you stand out and try bolder makeup styles from the daring eyeliner and smokey eyes to darker shades on your […]

Happy New Year!

Grand Beauty Spa owner Carmen Lee - Sargeant

As we all celebrate the welcoming of 2011, traditionally we all start the New Year with new goals that have to do with our well being.

Have Your Set Goals?

I would like to personally share some of my own goals, and I hope to inspire you to make and keep your own.  It has to become a daily thing like nourishing ourselves with healthy food to maintain our weight and to eat for beautiful hair & skin.  Make some “me time” to […]

5 Festive Holiday Looks in 5 minutes

The holidays are here and our schedules are packed with last minute shopping, family functions, and non-stop holiday gatherings. With all this on our plates, we are left with little or no time to primp and glam ourselves up for the night. Allure Magazine recently put together a list of ideas for getting holiday-ready in a flash. Attached are a few of the highlights:

Metallic Lids in a Minute:

This season’s shimmery eye shadows go way beyond silver and gold—colors such as copper, navy, and violet look cool and fresh and are easy to wear. Simply dust the color onto your lids […]