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The Importance of Being Beauty-ful

Rita Claudia

Meet Rita-Claudia

Many visitors to The Grand Beauty Spa hear my accent and wonder aloud where I come from. I was born in Zurich, Switzerland, the German-speaking part of the country.  Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, and I studied in the French part of the nation.. I have been in modeling and other aspects of the “beauty profession” in Switzerland since I was a teenager.  I met my American diplomat husband in Vienna, Austria, and accompanied him to Bolivia and then seven years ago we moved to Tampa.

I have […]

Why I Think My Mother Is A Grand Goddess

When I think of my mom I think of her as a Grand Goddess!

Carmen Lee-Sargeant Owner, Grand Beauty Spa

As a single mother of four, my mother sacrificed her own life to provide a better life for her children. My mother raised three teenage daughters and our little brother.  She worked at a pizzeria as a waitress while putting herself through beauty school. Should I say more?

I credit my mother for my success and who I am today. I now understand why at some time […]

How Meditation Helps To Face Extraordinary Times

“When my house burned down I gained an unobstructed view of the moonlit sky.”  – Zen

Grand Beauty Spa Director Ella Gorecka

Someone asked me sometime ago why I began the practice of meditation. I took a long pause.

To answer that question I had to recall those times in my past that were painful to me. I took a conscious breath and realized that not only could I now talk about the difficult times in my life, but for the […]

Want To Gid Rid Of Cellulite? Get Smooth Shapes

~ Grand Beauty Spa Medical Director Dr. Anne Hermann

Picture of SmoothShapes machine

Cellulite is a common skin condition known for its dimpled appearance caused by enlarged fat cells trapped in an inflexible network of fibrous septae located in the subcutaneous layers of skin. It affects 85-98% of post-pubertal women. For years it was thought that cellulite occurred primarily due to obesity, excessive weight gain, lack of exercise and poor diet, but in actuality, this […]

Dysport: The Botox Alternative?

We first told you about Dysport in our Beauty Blog lat December in our post titled “Better Than Botox?

Is Dysport “better than BOTOX? Some Say it is. Read what is saying about it here.

The Grand Beauty Spa is offering a $75 rebate to clientele who receive Dysport treatment. If you are not convinced that your treatment is every bit as good as BOTOX, we’ll give you another $75 rebate.

Offer good from March 1st through April 30th.

What do you think about Dysport? Tell us below. We’d love to hear your thoughts…

It’s All About Wellness

A note from the owner:Grand Beauty Spa Owner Carment Lee-Sargeant

It’s not about pampering anymore, it’s about wellness.

This is how people are looking at spas. Its no longer just about lounging in flower filled baths, although thankfully still an option, it’s about total health, well being, prevention, and beauty.

I think we all want to feel this way. What is holding you back? We want you to discover The Grand Beauty Spa with Dr. Hermann as a place that can help you live a […]

New Year, New You!

A note from our Owner:Carmen Lee-Sargeant President, Grand Beauty Spa

Bid farewell to 2009 as we mark the end of the first decade of the 21st century and start a new decade in 2010. It’s a New Year – is it time for a New You?

As we all search for new inspirations to keep our spark lit, set your New Year goals for yourself beginning with you. For just 60 contemplative minutes turn off your computer, cell phone and […]

4 Weeks To A New You!

Are you feeling sluggish? Do You Have Puffy Eyes? Are You Just Plain Tired? Puffy Eyes

After a month of consuming more sugar, fat and alcohol, sleeping poorly and travel, its time to clean out our systems. The benefits of detoxifying our system are:

  • Once we are not eating sugar and fat for a week, we don’t crave them as much.
  • Once these foods are out of our system, we will feel less sluggish and more motivated to exercise
  • After following the program, most people will loose at least 2 pounds […]

The Secrets of Personal Beauty: Skin Care, Detox, Medical Weight Loss

Personal Beauty Tips –

When it comes to personal beauty, your skin is the largest organ and first point of contact with the world. Taking care of your skin is perhaps the most important daily ritual in personal beauty. That means more that applying cream to your face. It’s a holistic process involving eating right, exercising and living healthfully. Illness, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and alcohol abuse will sooner or later show up as dull, lifeless skin, acne or dark circle under eyes and a waxy complexion.

Going through detox will not help you lose weight […]