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Tools for Daily Stress Relief

by Emalee Arden N.M.T

In today’s fast paced society, it’s common to live a high stress lifestyle. Stress is also connected to those pesky, recurring illnesses.
Now more than ever, it is vital to seek out different ways to relieve stress and decrease anxiety and tension.

Breathe More!

Inhabiting some good breathing techniques is a perfect, inexpensive way to help take the pressure off.

  • Start by taking a simple breath in through your mouth, almost like you’re breathing in through a straw.
  • Then, Exhale expressively so it can be heard. This makes sure you get a good one 
  • […]

What is a Body Treatment and What Are The Benefits?

Body treatments go back to ancient times starting with milk baths to soften the skin of Cleopatra. Also water therapies using sea water long revered for its high mineral content and therapeutic value in healing and alleviating ailments like arthritis and skin conditions.

Thalgo Aromaceane imageWhat ingredients Are Used In A Body Treatment?

Many body treatments used today utilize ingredients derived from the sea including sea salts, marine algae, seaweeds, and plants providing valuable nutrients which are easily utilized by our bodies. Studies conducted have found that […]

What You Should Know About Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

By Kimberly Bowe

An awesome massage is always described as delivering the perfect pressure.

Ruthie Piper Hardee developed Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy in the late 90’s. Ashiatsu means foot pressure. This massage is delivered with the feet of the massage therapist as she holds onto over head bars for stability and control over every movement. The massage cream is applied with the hands of the feet which are always thoroughly sanitized and as warm as possible.

Ashiatsu Described

Ashiatsu pic with Candles

What You Might Not Know About Osterporosis And How To Fight Back

Spa Tampa, NutritionDid you know that currently 1 in 4 women will suffer from Osteoporosis?

This is a disease in which there is loss and corrosion of bone tissue, leaving your bones more likely to fracture and break.  Everyday calcium sheds from your body through your skin, hair, nails and sweat.  Osteoporosis is inevitable with aging, but there are simple things we can do to slow, stop, and even reverse the deterioration of our bones naturally.

Simple Steps to Fighting Back From The Grand Beauty Spa

  • Get 15 minutes of sunshine everyday, […]

Cellulite: Myths and Treatments

Cellulite. No one wants it. Nearly every woman is affected by it. In fact, Cellulite affects 90% of women.

Here are a few myths about Cellulite and our suggestions for eliminating cellulite.


Since the 1970’s a slender, cellulite-free body has been fashionable and women have been constantly searching for new ways to slim and shape their bodies.

It is a myth that cellulite is caused by being overweight and just losing weight will make cellulite magically disappear. Losing weight does help to improve the appearance of cellulite, however cellulite is […]

Better to Give Than to Receive

Grand Beauty Spa ModelFinding the perfect gift for someone special can oftentimes be challenging and the gift elusive. Following are some ideas that hopefully inspire, or at least get the ball rolling.

Grand Beauty Spa Gift Guide:

Have a Day of Beauty – Focus beauty treatments for a more beautiful you.

Is your busy life take its toll on you?

Try our Grand Stress Therapy Package which includes the Grand Signature Bath, Grand Massage, Scalp Massage, Indeoceone Pedicure, Blow-Dry and Lunch

Spa […]

Grand Announcement from Carmen!

Note from the owner:

Carmen Lee-Sargeant Grand Beauty Spa Owner | Tampa Day Spa

We have accomplished so much through these changing times.  The last 2 decades of experiencing the world and the beauty industry has given me the opportunity to own such a special place Day Spa and Salon in the city of Tampa Bay, The Grand Beauty Spa.

I am honored to announce that The Grand is becoming a National Thalgo Flagship store.

We as a company have visualized, dreamed, and grown towards […]

We’ve Been Listening…

Note from Carmen – Carmen Lee-Sargeant picture. Owner Grand Beauty Spa

As the end of summer approaches, we bid it farewell. August can be just as busy as the holiday’s as we prepare our children and ourselves to get back on regular regimes and work schedules.

At The Grand Beauty Spa, we have spent this summer studying day spa trends, taking a closer look at our treatments and listening to each of you. We have taken time to evaluate our overall guest experience in order to make your visit […]

The Magic Of Moor Mud

-Heather Clontzmud wrap Tampa Day Spa

Moor Mud is a 100% natural product from the Czech Republic. Containing virtually no clay, moor mud is the residue of hundreds of herbs, flowers, and grasses that have decomposed into a fine paste over thousands of years. Fresh and uncontaminated, this mud is full of natural acids and nutrients, which happen to be the driving force to aid in alleviating numerous ailments.

Moor Mud Healing

Depending on the process of application, moor mud can help heal many different problems, such as: post workout tightness and soreness, […]

Put yourself first and create the Life you Love

Ella Gorecka Spa Director Grand Beauty Spa
Ella Gorecka
Spa Director, Grand Beauty Spa

There are times when you know just what to do, and life seems to rise up and support you and your ideas. And then there are times when it is all a little murky, and you might feel a bit lost. How lucky we are to have two powers of self observation within us: our body and our mind. Our body speaks to us through sensation, while […]