How To Eat A “Cleansing” Diet And Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Do you know what is in the foods that you typically eat? Most of us do not.

Grand Beauty Spa Medical Director Dr. Anne Hermann

Toxicity studies in the human body are done by the CDC and National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals every 2 years. The most recent study found 212 chemicals in the blood and urine of most Americans. At least six of these chemicals […]

Want a $500 Spa Romance – For FREE?

Buy It for Your Valentine or Win it For Yourself !Champagne, Rose, Chocolate

This romantic experience is sure to win your loved ones heart.

A rose petal milk bath for two begins this journey as you soak your tensions away in our Couples Tub, followed by our Grand Couples Massage. Hot oil is gently poured on your body while our grand massage therapist relaxes your mood for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Champagne and a delicate selection of fine […]

The Origin of Valentines Day | Soul Gazing

Did you know that Valentine’s Day was named after two early Christian Martyrs whose names were Valentine? It was not until Middle Ages that an English poet added the “romantic touch” to the holiday. Then modern times arrived along with teddy bears, chocolate hearts and expensive roses.Ella Gorecka - Grand Beauty Spa Director

When I asked my boyfriend Rob why he doesn’t like Valentine’s Day his answer was, “it’s too commercialized.” I paused for a second. I didn’t want him to buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day, […]

Why Hair Color Will Never Be The Same

The future of hair color has arrived!Autumn beauty

L’Oreal Professionnel, the inventor of modern hair color is previewing INOA, their revolutionary new hair color.

What’s the secret behind INOA? The Name stands for Innovation No Ammonia.

INOA is a permanent hair color that lifts up to three levels, provides 100% coverage of white hair and provides extraordinary results. At the Grand Beauty Spa, we love the color results we are getting for our clients. Better yet, we can’t get over the difference of not having any odor or itching during the process! […]

Grand Beauty Spa 3rd Annual Angels for Foster Kids Charity Piano Concert.

Bring A Smile To The Face Of A Child This Holiday Season!

Baby Grand Piano Picture

December 17th, 7-9pm

Don’t forget to join us on December 17th for our 3rd Annual Foster Angel Kids Charity Piano Concert.

Stop by the Grand Beauty Spa to get a little holiday cheer, mix, mingle and be dazzled by talented Tampa bay children as they tickle the ivories of a […]

You Can Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Visits to The Grand Beauty Spa. See How In Our Video Series.

10 for 10 Video Graphic

Ever wonder how Hollywood Stars and Celebrities stay looking so young?
Wish YOU Could Look 10 years Younger?

I don’t know one woman who is not concerned about aging and most would do anything to reverse the aging process. For years the Grand Beauty Spa’s mission has been to make our clients feel beautiful. With our Anti-Aging […]

Saggitarius Spa Scope

A Hot Stone Massage at the Grand Beauty Spa

Sagittarius’s are the masters of positive thinkers, playful but wise adventure and their love for life must reflect this. Their optimistic outlook gives them plenty of luck. This fire sign is energized for the need for experience and desire. They are happiest when they have plenty of freedom to pursue their dreams and to make plans for the future and desire to find the meaning of life.

Sagittarius Recommendations from the Grand Beauty Spa:

The relaxing qualities of […]

The Art of Facial Proportion

Facial Proportion’s Importance To Beauty

Cosmetic surgeons agree that the most important aspect of beauty is facial proportion.   It is the various dimensions, angles and curves that work in harmony to create the concept of beauty.  These proportions can be applied across all ethnicities.  By evaluating your facial proportions, we can use make-up, brow shaping, hairstyle and dermal fillers to help shape our features to ideal proportions without surgery.  Before I discuss these further, remember that attractiveness is a combination of many qualities.  There are men and women whose faces are far from ideal, yet they are spectacular to […]