Christmas in July @ The Grand Beauty Spa

Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful?

Grand Beauty Spa Owner Carmen Lee-Sargeant picture.

Isn’t that what we are all striving for? Beauty starts on the inside, feeling happy, peaceful and

Are you in need of serious relaxation this summer? That’s why this month we have decided to celebrate “Christmas in July”.

Christmas in July

We have the perfect beautifying spa treatment for you this month to celebrate “Christmas in July”. Maybe you’re looking for perfect sleek shiny hair, sexy summer sun kissed waves or a cute trendy hair cut. Of course, your […]

Shouldn’t You Be Getting The Most Out Of Life?

Dr. Anne Hermann Medical Director Grand Beauty Spa

In medical school, we learn to treat people when they have life-threatening disease.  Our practice is not just about life and death, but also about getting the most out of life.  As an internist, acupuncturist, nutritionist and hypnotherapist, I have had the privilege to explore the unconventional side of healing.  During my training, I saw surgeries performed on awake patients using acupuncture as the only form of anesthesia and witnessed monks increase their own body temperature at Harvard Medical School’s Mind Body Institute.

Put yourself first and create the Life you Love

Ella Gorecka Spa Director Grand Beauty Spa
Ella Gorecka
Spa Director, Grand Beauty Spa

There are times when you know just what to do, and life seems to rise up and support you and your ideas. And then there are times when it is all a little murky, and you might feel a bit lost. How lucky we are to have two powers of self observation within us: our body and our mind. Our body speaks to us through sensation, while […]

Everybody’s Doing It: Laser Hair Removal. Shouldn’t Your Mom Do It To?

Make Your Mom Feel Like The Goddess She Is

Laser Hair Removal

I know what you are thinking. You are tired of giving your mom the same sweet-sounding card, flowers that only last a few days, or a picture frame that sits on the table with all the rest? How about something mom ( and you) can enjoy together and forever. I know that you absolutely love the feeling of silky smooth skin, but getting the results you want can be a pain and often very painful. Most hair removal  options […]

Unbeatable Hair Luxury Offer – Incredible Girls Night Out At The Grand Beauty Spa

Did you know that The Grand Beauty Spa is the exclusive home of Shu Uemura products? Or that we just completed an exclusive preview of  L’Oreal’s revolutionary new INOA (no amonia) hair color? The Grand Beauty Spa was created to be Tampa’s unparalleled luxury hair salon.

Kerastase Caviar treatment picture

Did You Miss Girls Night Out?

Just  last week The Grand Beauty Spa hosted a special Girls Night Out event with Shu Uemura, Thalgo and the exclusive new Kérastase Caviar product. No, not that caviar, its something […]

Why I Think My Mother Is A Grand Goddess

When I think of my mom I think of her as a Grand Goddess!

Carmen Lee-Sargeant Owner, Grand Beauty Spa

As a single mother of four, my mother sacrificed her own life to provide a better life for her children. My mother raised three teenage daughters and our little brother.  She worked at a pizzeria as a waitress while putting herself through beauty school. Should I say more?

I credit my mother for my success and who I am today. I now understand why at some time […]

Looking For Healthy Ways To Deal With Your Stress?

Mind–Body Personal Growth Workshop With Steven Prague and Robert Bullock

We are very excited about bringing you two expertly trained teachers for an inspirational and exciting weekend Mind Body Workshop. If you are looking for healthy ways to deal with the pressures and stress of your daily life. This is an wonderful opportunity to learn new ways to develop a calm and clear mind and a capacity to be present, aware, and awake to ourselves.

Steven Michael Pague and Robert Bullock have conducted similar workshops at world renowned resorts. They will be teaching concepts like guided

Bombshell Blowout, Waves and Shu Uemura Girls Night Out

This spring we focus on the signals of youthful beauty and  how to maintain your looks and regimens at home.

A glowing complexion, a healthy body, large defined eyes, shiny hair that’s more billowy with an undone quality and perfectly manicured nails.

Come in and visit The Grand Beauty Salon and let one of our beauty stylists consult with you about how to achieve the signs of youth  or  style ideas. Maybe its time you think about changing it up with some waves or curls, a pretty […]

How Meditation Helps To Face Extraordinary Times

“When my house burned down I gained an unobstructed view of the moonlit sky.”  – Zen

Grand Beauty Spa Director Ella Gorecka

Someone asked me sometime ago why I began the practice of meditation. I took a long pause.

To answer that question I had to recall those times in my past that were painful to me. I took a conscious breath and realized that not only could I now talk about the difficult times in my life, but for the […]

Rejuvenation For The Body, Skin, & Mind

It has been a very long and cold winter that has taken a toll on all of our minds and bodies. I have even sometimes felt as though I have been in my native country of Poland!

Picture of Grand Beauty Spa Director Ella Goerecka

Thankfully spring is in the air and it’s time for us to now address the effects that the cold winter months have left, such as the dry, flakey, irritated skin. Even though body scrubs have numerous beneficial qualities, I highly […]