Note from the owner

Carmen | Grand Beauty Spa owner

Carmen - Grand Beauty Spa owner

Happy summer Grand Beauties.

I think this is one of the best times to Detox. Have you had enough of the BBQ? Burgers, Pork ribs, Beef brisket, Steak?

All so yummy but talk about wanting to become a vegetarian after a family/friends weekend gathering.

Dr. Oz 3 Day Clease Plan, Ala Carmen

So the first thing I did after our family road-trip back from Tennessee was go to Rolling Oats to purchase all organic ingredients for my 3 day Dr. Oz Detox cleanse plan.

I also incorporated our Grand water therapies including infra red sauna and steam room.

It’s a great kick-start and helps get your mind into focusing on fitness and health plus I can do anything for 3 days!

Dr. Oz’s plan includes a bath at night, with Epson salts and lavender oil, I also added my Thalgo algae baths powder for a boost.

Carmen’s Daily Bucket List

It goes back to my bucket list of daily joys reminding me how important it is to keep your bucket list where you can see it daily so you can stay close to the things that make you happy on a daily basis.

I really loved the simplicity of the detox cleanse and have continued to replace meals with the shakes!

I hope you’ll try it.

One more thing, you know I’m a spa junkie so throw in a Grand body wrap and massage with one of our highly trained Grand spa therapist .

Its decadent and someone’s going to notice how great you look!

Stay cool,