Ashiatsu massage therapyAshiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

An outstanding massage is always described as delivering the perfect pressure.

Ruthie Piper Hardee developed Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy in the late 90’s. Ashiatsu means foot pressure. This massage is delivered with the feet of the massage therapist, as she holds onto over head bars for stability and control over every movement. Ashiatsu is best used as a deep compression massage, for those always craving more pressure to relieve body stresses, or engage deep relaxation.

Ashiatsu incorporates compressing gliding strokes, pressure/trigger points, as well as myofacial. Pressure is always adjusted to meet every client’s individual comfort level. Depending on certification level, your therapist will use one foot at a time for light to medium work and smaller areas of deep isolation. She will use two feet at a time for larger areas of deep work.

Depending on certification level, your therapist will massage the back of your body with the feet, as well as the front of your body. For your therapist to safely incorporate two feet, the client should weigh at least 60 pounds more than their therapist. In my case my client would have to weigh at least 165 pounds.

The client lays on a regular massage table, as with most other types of massage. The client is covered with a towel allowing the back and legs to be exposed, for ease of flow around the body. The room temperature is kept at the client’s comfort level. The massage cream is applied with either the hands or the feet, which are always thoroughly sanitized and as warm as possible.

Ashiatsu uses even pressure over a broader surface area to stimulate the tissue with blood flow and oxygenation; enhancing organ efficiency, promoting lymph drainage, lengthening muscles, increasing range of motion in joints and promoting better posture and stress relief.

Preparing for Ashiatsu Massage Therapy

You should drink plenty of water after your session; use sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for about ten minutes, if convenient; stretch, do a lighter workout for the first 48 hours, do not sit for long periods of time, and do not drink excessive alcohol within 24 hours.

There are many contraindications for receiving Ashiatsu massage. Please be prepared to talk to your therapist before the treatment, regarding any medical issues. Also, be prepared to have the treatment adjusted accordingly, to keep you healthy!

See you soon, for your “Grand,” Ashiatsu Massage!